Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back To My House Window

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back To My House Window?

Pigeons are messy birds, and since they are more prone to dwell in groups, they can create a lot of mess and spread disease. And you probably have taken some actions to get rid of them, but they keep coming and pecking around your windows. So how to stop them?

Why do pigeons keep coming back to my house window? It is because pigeons are a lot more intelligent. They have a very developed hippocampus, which allows them to remember their locations. In addition, pigeons also possess a great sense of smell, making them trace back their footprint. 

If you want to learn more about why pigeons keep coming back, read this guide till the end!

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back?

Research shows that pigeons can recall 800 to 1200 places where they acquired food. Pigeons have a developed hippocampus, which gives them an extra memory recall ability. And they can use the hippocampus to remember where they found food or water.

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back

Likewise, pigeons keep coming back for many other reasons, including

1. Pigeons use eyesight to maneuver

Pigeons navigate by their eyesight, indicating that they will trace back where they found food. If pigeons find food, they will remember the location and seek back to get food. 

Moreover, if they frequently find food in the same spot, they travel up to 25 km for food to that location. So if a pigeon finds food on your house window, it will return for it!

2. Pigeons utilize landmarks

This is the main reason Pigeon comes to your house window. Since they use trees, poles, and other objects to travel around, if they add your window as a checkpoint to navigate, you will find them frequently on your house window.

Pigeons Keep Coming Back To My House Window

3. Pigeons Fly in Tree-lined areas

If trees circle your house, the pigeons will peck around on your window. Since pigeons shield themselves from predators such as hawks and owls, they might love to stay put on your window if you have a lot of trees around the house.

4. Pigeons have an internal compass

Pigeons possess a homing sense thanks to the hippocampus. So it does not matter where the pigeons go; they will find your window to peck around. Moreover, scientists agree that pigeons can perceive the Earth’s magnetic fields, which gives them a sense of direction.

5. They Raise Babies all year round

You might know that pigeons constantly raise babies. Since they are committed to only one partner, they produce up to 5 broods in a year. This number is whooping as compared to other birds. So if you see pigeons on your windows, it is because they are breading.  

A pigeon roosting on a house window

6. Their Sense of Smell is Excellent

Along with the hippocampus, pigeons have a highly developed and intricate sense of smell. This smell helps them find their resting place, babies, and food. So if your house window smells of food, it will let Pigeons peck around.

7. Mirror Reflection of the Window Attract Pigeons

You might be surprised that pigeons love to play with their reflection. When they come to your window, they will see their reflections on the window mirror which is why they keep coming to play around.

Why Should Pigeons Not Come to Your House?

Pigeons are innocent birds. They entail certain risks.

  • First, their droppings are highly acidic, which can cause damage to vehicle paints. 
  • Moreover, pigeons can spread bacteria that lead to different illnesses. Some diseases that pigeons can spread are toxoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, and food poisoning. 
  • Furthermore, they can also sick the birds with Chlamydia bacteria.
  • In addition, the Pigeon dropping that becomes dry and turns to dust will impose an even greater risk. Cats can get histoplasmosis, and birds can get psittacosis with the dry poop of pigeons. 
A food source attracting pigeons to the window

So to prevent such health risks, you must take care of this problem and should not let pigeons come to your house. 

  • Moreover, the Pigeon can also make a noise which is not always pleasant. And if you have a home office, this noise will disturb you, so you need to shoo the pigeons.
  • Furthermore, pigeons’ pursuit of food will lure them into ruining the crops and plants and destroying the yield. So for gardening enthusiasts, pigeons are a problem.

How to Stop Pigeons From Coming Back?

As we mentioned earlier, pigeons have good memories. They can recall and visit their favorite spot whenever possible. So to get rid of pigeons perched on your window sill, do the following to keep them from returning.

How to Stop Pigeons From Coming Back
  • Since the pigeons can remember the locations and are drawn towards food, you should keep your window sill spotless and free of any food leftovers. It will prevent pigeons from being attracted to your house window again.
  • You can also change the appearance of your window so that pigeons can’t recognize your window. Drawing lines with white markers or curtains can help you shoo the pigeons.
  • If you place bird feeders around the house, remove them. Since the pigeons are drawn towards the food, they lure to your window if you have bird feeders around. 
  • Or, you can add some bird feeders a little away from your house so they don’t lure you into your window.
  • An affordable and non-intrusive approach is to place Bird Spikes. While they might appear harmful, they can shoo pigeons safely. You can put pigeons away for a long time with the spikes.
  • You can also use non-toxic and environmentally friendly Birds Gels. These gels are nothing more than a scented oil that puts the pigeons away from the window. Pigeons dislike the smell and therefore leave the area.
Wire netting placed on the window to prevent pigeon landing
If you’re tired of pigeons constantly coming back to your house window, you may be wondering how to keep them away. Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to deter these birds from roosting in this area. Our article on how to keep pigeons away from your window offers several tips and strategies for preventing pigeons from perching on your window sill or ledge. Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to keep pigeons away from your solar panels, we have an article that can help. Our guide on how to get rid of pigeons under your solar panels provides some practical tips for deterring these birds from nesting in this area. By reading these articles, you can learn how to keep pigeons away from your home and property, and coexist peacefully with these birds.


Below we are mentioning some of the common questions!

Q: Why Do Pigeons Sit On My Window?

Pigeons seek to find a secure location to breed and nest. And they may utilize your window as a comfy perch for nesting. Pigeons are also drawn to windows in search of food. So if you leave food on the window, they will come back to the window.

Q: What does it mean when a Pigeon flies at your window?

It means that the pigeon is looking for food or raising offspring. Moreover, pigeons also play with the shadow in the window. Besides, if you see them often, it means they remember your location.

Q: Why do pigeons peck on my windows?

If you have tinted windows the pigeon will peck on them. It is because they love to play with their shadow.


Pigeons can be dangerous for you and your pet’s health. And when they regularly show up on your window, they become annoying. So for that, you need to shoo them from your window. There are several reasons for pigeons coming to your house window. 

They might frequently visit if you have a bird feeder around the window. Moreover, they also play with their shadow in the window; if they have a nest around the window, they will fly up often. But if you address that, they will not come back.

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