Why Do Pigeons Chase Each Other

Why Do Pigeons Chase Each Other? – Here Are The Reasons

Pigeons are known as the symbol of peace. They do not intend to pick up fights without any reason, but often, they defend themselves from danger. Also, pigeon chasing each other could be for multiple purposes. 

So, why do pigeons chase each other? Pigeons chase each other when the male pigeon wants to mate with a female pigeon. But when any other pigeon comes near the female pigeon, the male pigeon chase it away! Other reasons are to claim their territory, protect their babies or fight over food.

Further, I will discuss in more depth why pigeons chase each other and how to stop their fights. Read till the end to learn more!

Why Do Pigeons Chase Each Other?

The reasons behind Pigeons chasing each other are given in the following points. Have a look through it-

Why Do Pigeons Chase Each Other


Just like us, pigeons also mate with each other. So a male pigeon can chase a female pigeon with the intent of mating. 

Also, the male pigeons get protective about their mate (female pigeons). So, when any other pigeon gets closer to the female pigeon, the male pigeon will fight and chase away the other pigeon to ensure their partner is safe.

Pigeon mating ritual - chasing behavior

Claiming their territory

Often, the pigeons chase each other when they feel another pigeon is trying to invade their space. They don’t want any new pigeons to claim their territory. So, they might fight and chase each other.

Protect their children

Pigeons will do everything to save and protect their children from danger. So when any other pigeons seem to like to harm their children or come near to the baby pigeon, the parents will chase them away.

Being uncomfortable around new pigeons

If you pet a pigeon and the pigeon is only one or two in the cage, they won’t be comfortable when new pigeons come into the cage. While it is completely normal for pigeons to behave like this, they will be comfortable with each other very soon, but it can take some time.

Being uncomfortable around new pigeons


Pigeons can often be seen as possessive about the rod where they rest or the tray feeder and food. They would want to claim that thing which is in their preference. So they less likely would like to share that particular thing with the other pigeon. This would result in fights and chasing the other pigeon.


Pigeons can sometimes get really competitive. For example, when you give them food in a tray feeder or water, they will try to get the food or water first, then the other bird.

They do not want the other bird to win in this competition. So, this may turn both sides into a competitive fight and they will start chasing each other.

How To Stop Pigeons From Chasing Each Other?

If you pet pigeons and often see them fighting with each other, you will surely get annoyed. So, what’s the cure for this problem? How can you stop the fights between your pigeons? Have a look below to learn about how to stop pigeon fights –

How To Stop Pigeons From Chasing Each Other

Distant pigeons from each other

If the pigeons are fighting with each other relentlessly and you don’t see them stopping, you can separate the fighting pigeons from each other. You can keep the pigeons in different cages as well.  It would stop annoying you permanently.

Let pigeons play out of their territory area

When pigeons play with each other, some pigeons can mistakenly invade into other pigeons’ places. The other pigeons do not like it. They think other pigeons are trying to get into their area. 

Let pigeons play out of their territory area

So you should choose a particular place and let them play there. This will ensure they are not fighting with each other regarding territory issues. 

Are Pigeons Aggressive?

Pigeons can get aggressive from time to time. Well, one thing you should know is that pigeons never poke other birds for no reason. But when they think other pigeons are harming them in any way or taking away their area, harming their babies or taking away their partner, they can get furious.

Look at this video to see how a pigeon is being possessive about the food and chasing other pigeons away –

How To Prevent Pigeon Fights?

You can try the below steps to prevent fights between your pigeons. Here are the steps you can take –

How To Prevent Pigeon Fights
  • You should keep more space in the cage for the pigeons, so they don’t fight with each other regarding territory issues
  • If your pigeons have recently laid legs or have a newborn baby, you should separate the baby pigeon and its parents from the other pigeons. So then they won’t doubt other pigeons harming their babies
  • You can do meshwork when putting another pigeon in the cage. It will prevent other pigeons from fighting with the new pigeon in the cage
Pigeons are fascinating birds, and one behavior that can be both amusing and puzzling to observe is when they chase each other. But while this behavior might seem harmless, it can also be a sign of aggression or competition between birds. If you’re interested in learning more about pigeon behavior, you may also be curious about why pigeons abandon their eggs. Our article on why pigeons abandon their eggs explores some of the factors that can lead to this behavior. Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to keep pigeons away from your solar panels, we have an article that can help. Our guide on how to get rid of pigeons under your solar panels provides some practical tips for deterring these birds from nesting in this area. By reading these articles, you can gain a deeper understanding of pigeon behavior and how to coexist peacefully with these birds.


We provide some answers to the most asked questions. Check it out here –

Q. Can Pigeons Kill Each Other?

Yes. Pigioen can kill each other, but they are not the kind of birds to kill any other pigeon. But sometimes, their fights can lead to the extent where they take action to kill any other pigeon. Besides, they might kill the sick pigeon because it’s easy for the predators to notice the sick one in the flock. 

Q. Why do Pigeons Peck Each Other?

A pigeon can peck the other pigeon if it thinks the other pigeon is invading their space or trying to claim their partner and children.

Q. Do Pigeons Get Mad?

Yes. Pigeons can get mad from time to time when they think their ownership is in danger. So, they can fight with the other birds as they care about their dignity.


Pigeons are undoubtedly lovely birds. But they are not among the ones who keep quiet if any wrong is done to them. They fight. Simply, they chase each other to protect their babies, protect their partners, to claim their space

Sometimes, they can get competitive and possessive as well. However, in most cases, the pigeons get used to each other and stop chasing each other. I hope this article makes it clear for you to answer your question, why do pigeons chase each other, and leave you with no doubt!

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