How To Get Rid of Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels

How To Get Rid of Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels Without Hurting Them

Pigeons use solar panels as a refuge from unfavorable weather and predators. Unfortunately, the nesting materials, droppings, and pigeon activity may reduce the efficiency of your solar panel or cause costly damage. 

Finding solutions on how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels? You can set up physical obstructions, such as bird spikes and mesh netting around solar panels. Optical gel and plastic predators may also be effective as visual deterrents. Besides, routinely clean solar panels and keep your outdoor area clean and clear of food.

We’ll provide tips on humane ways to get rid of pigeons nesting under your solar panels. Also, we’ll explain why the presence of pigeons beneath solar panels is potentially damaging and what draws them there in the first place.

5 Humane Ways – How To Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

In section, we’ll discuss five effective and humane ways to get rid of pigeons nesting under your solar panels. Keep reading to learn more and find the best solution for your home!

How To Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

1. Set up bird mesh netting

Bird mesh is a practical way to protect your home solar system from birds. The mesh attaches securely to your solar panel and runs along the edges, sealing the area under the solar panel. This makes it difficult for pigeons to enter or build nests underneath.

You’ll also want to ensure the mesh is small enough so the pigeons can’t fit their beaks through the holes. This will help ensure they don’t try to peck their way through the netting.

The most appealing aspect of bird mesh netting is its discreetness. Unlike other solutions, it is not easily noticeable.

2. Install bird spikes 

Bird spikes are plastic or metal strips with angled points that make it impossible for birds to land. The spikes are placed in a row around the solar panel to create an uninvited landing strip. This discourages pigeons from lingering long enough to build nests or cause significant messes.

When using bird spikes, keep in mind that they can be visually intrusive and should be installed carefully. Also, bird spikes are more effective when incorporated with a comprehensive set of tactics, such as mesh netting.

Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

3. Apply Optical Gel

You can purchase optical gel, an adhesive applied to the surface of your solar panels. This gel reflects ultraviolet light and creates an unpleasant glare that will keep pigeons away.

The optical gel has been formulated to impede three of the bird’s senses. Its uniquely designed surface reflects UV light, creating a false fire response that confuses the birds. Moreover, the gel is packed with a strong odor, aimed to obscure the pheromones that tend to bring the birds back.

Optical gel offers an ideal long-term solution with a lengthy life span of 2-4 years. In fact, in many instances, the deterrent effects of the product extend well beyond 5 years.

4. Place fake plastic predators

Placing fake plastic predators such as owls, hawks, and snakes can effectively get rid of pigeons under solar panels. Fake plastic predators can act as a deterrent for pigeons. 

Be sure to move them around every few days so they don’t become accustomed to their presence. You should also place them in various locations near the solar panels and away from the solar panels to maximize the effect.

Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

5. Habitat Modification 

Keeping your yard clean and clear of food sources such as birdseed and pet food can go a long way toward discouraging pigeons from roosting under your solar panels. Even a small amount of food left behind can be enough to attract pigeons.

In addition to removing any potential food sources, you should regularly inspect your yard for nests or droppings. If any are found, remove them promptly to discourage more birds from coming.

Finally, if all else fails, consider installing a motion-activated water sprayer or sprinkler system around the perimeter of your property. This can be a great way to gently but effectively scare away any pigeons.

When To Call Professional Bird Control 

Trying to implement bird-proofing techniques may be futile if you find pigeons already nest under your solar panel. Enlist the help of pigeon control professionals rather than trying to remove the nests yourself.

When To Call Professional Bird Control

Also, the law protects pigeons in certain states. So an experienced bird controller should be sought to comply with all the local regulations. Engaging a professional is a great way to ensure a proper technique is used and that results are successful. 

Moreover, an expert will offer advice to help avoid similar issues in the future and determine the causes that draw pigeons to your property.

Why Are Humane Methods Best?

It’s tempting to use aggressive methods to get rid of pigeons, such as poison, trapping, or shooting. However, consider the ethical implications of these methods.

Firstly, using cruel methods to get rid of pigeons is inhumane and goes against our values of treating animals with respect and dignity. Pigeons are intelligent social creatures that deserve to be treated humanely. 

Using cruel methods can cause unnecessary suffering and distress and lead to long-term harm or even death.

Why Are Humane Methods Best

Secondly, using cruel methods is often ineffective in the long run. For example, trapping pigeons may temporarily remove them from the area but will not prevent other pigeons from moving in. 

Similarly, poisoning pigeons can have unintended consequences, such as killing other animals or contaminating the environment.

Can Pigeons Damage Solar Panels?

Pigeon droppings are one of the primary causes of solar panel damage. 

  • These obstruct the sun’s rays from hitting the solar cells, which diminishes the system’s effectiveness. 
  • Furthermore, the acidic excrement can corrode and stain the aluminum framework on solar panels.
  • Pigeons’ beaks and claws can also contribute to solar panel damage. They may scrape and tear at the cells on the surface, especially when landing.
  • Additionally, pigeons nesting under solar panels can attract other vermin, such as squirrels, rats, and cockroaches. These vermins can wreak havoc on your panels and your entire property.
  • Pigeons may also nibble at exposed wires, using them for nesting materials. 

Certain species are particularly aggressive and may even attack their own reflections when seeing themselves on the polished surfaces of the panels.

Can Pigeons Damage Solar Panels

What Attracts Pigeons Under Solar Panels? 

Pigeons are naturally attracted to sheltered and elevated places, and solar panels can provide both of these elements. Solar panels can also offer a flat, open surface for pigeons to perch on. And their proximity to the roof and gutters can provide a source of water and food. 

Additionally, the sun’s reflection on the panels can sometimes be mistaken for a body of water, which can also attract pigeons. However, it’s important to note that pigeon droppings can cause damage to the panels and the electrical system.

What Attracts Pigeons Under Solar Panels
If you’re struggling to get rid of pigeons from your roof, balcony, or solar panels, our articles on how to get rid of pigeons can provide helpful tips and advice. Our guide on how to get rid of pigeons from your roof and balcony covers effective methods for preventing pigeons from roosting and nesting on your property. Additionally, our article on pigeon dying signs can help you recognize the warning signs of sick or injured pigeons so you can take action to help them. Don’t let pigeon infestations and health issues become a problem – check out our articles today!


Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about getting rid of pigeons under solar panels.

Q. How do I stop pigeons from roosting under my solar panels?

You can cover the base of the solar panels with mesh netting, add metal bird spikes along the base, apply optical gel, or place fake plastic predators around the panels. Also, keep your yard clean and clear any food sources.

Q. What is the best pigeon deterrent for solar panels?

Ultimately, bird mesh is the most effective solution for protecting solar panels from pigeons. It is an aesthetically pleasing, discreet option that won’t damage your roof or interfere with your solar system.

Q. Can pigeons damage solar panels?

Pigeons and other birds can perch on the panels, leaving droppings and other debris that can interfere with the panel’s performance. In addition, the acidity in bird droppings can corrode the metal components of the panel and cause permanent damage. 


Solar system owners must be wary of the damage caused by pigeons. The most effective means of preventing pigeons from nesting beneath solar panels are roof spikes, bird mesh, optical gel, plastic birds of prey, and habitat modification. 

To obtain the best outcomes, we suggest combining two of the listed methods or utilizing the help of professional pest control. Dealing with birds near solar panels can be difficult since they are usually located in awkward spots. Furthermore, they may carry diseases, posing a health risk.

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