Racing Pigeon For Sale In USA

Racing Pigeon For Sale In USA: Where To Buy?

A pigeon that is capable of racing can be expensive. And if you are a beginner, selecting where to buy your pigeon can get frustrating. Well, a pros and cons list can always help you decide, and that is exactly what we are going to do here.

So, racing pigeons for sale in the USA: where to buy? You have multiple options to choose from. It includes buying directly from breeders or pet shops. On the other hand, online vendors and auction sites are where you can shoot for the lowest price.  

However, knowing the places you can buy from isn’t just enough. Here comes the part of selecting a creditable seller and ensuring the health and nature of your pigeon. So without any further ado, let’s dig in deep. This article will tell you all.

Buying From Breeders: Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying from fanciers is quite risky as well as the best place to bet. A well-reputed fancier knows more about pigeons than anyone in the market. They spend most of their time with pigeons and deeply understand them. 

But you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of buying racing pigeons from breeders. 

Buying From Breeders


  • Most of the winning pigeons come back to the fancier as most of them are into racing. So there’s a higher possibility of you finding pigeons that can perform here. 
  • The pigeon’s fanciers also have records of the pigeon’s history of racing. As a result, you can ask for those to confirm that it excels in performance. Additionally, you can also ask for their diet chart to know what they have been eating in their lifetime.
  • On the other hand, this is the place to look if you’re looking for a newborn racer pigeon that you wish to raise in your hand. The fanciers tend to breed fighting fit pigeons and sell the newborns to someone who is willing to buy them.


  • While well-fit pigeons can be pretty expensive, getting them from a breeder can be more expensive. 
  • Additionally, if you know less about pigeons, there’s a chance that you might get played. There are records where the birds tend to perform well at first, and then an exponential loss in performance is seen. 

If you want to know why these types of pigeons are so expensive, here’s a video you can check.

Buying From Pet Stores: Advantages and Disadvantages

Only a handful of pigeons that have a history of racing go to pet stores. Moreover, there are numerous stores in the United States, and only a few of them are interested in racing. 

However, there are pet shop owners that take an interest in the type of birds you are looking for. You just have to do your research and find the ones that take the same interest as you.

Racing Pigeon Buying From Pet Stores


Pigeons are very emotional beings and often get lonely, which results in depression. And a pet shop knows how to keep them happy. By making them exercise and interact with other pigeons, your future bird is contented there. 

As a result, when you do buy one, you will receive a jolly pigeon rather than a depressed one.


There’s a chance that the pet shop you have come across isn’t an experienced one. Hence, knows a lot little about how to take care of pigeons that are made for racing. This results in decreased performance.

Overall, it’s quite important to know the shop’s history and reviews in detail. This can determine whether you will get the positive sides of buying from a pet shop or the negative sides.

Buying from Online Marketplaces and Auction Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages

Lastly, there are two places where you can get try your luck at. One is the online marketplaces, and the other is the auction sites. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide whether you would like to try your luck here or not. 

Racing Pigeon Buying from Online Marketplaces and Auction Sites


  • You will find the cheapest deals on online shops and auction sites. 
  • There is no middleman cost in this method. 
  • Additionally, as there are no external expenses such as shop rent and taxes, the owner doesn’t have to make an additional profit. Thus, they prefer to sell their pigeon on online sites directly with a little profit margin.


  • Many buyers have been scammed by these online sites. As the buyer and seller don’t have to interact in real life, some sellers tend to scam. They do this by enlisting a normal pigeon as a racing one or by attaching other pigeons’ pictures.
  • Additionally, they make a fake racing history of the pigeon and enlist them as the winner. So there’s no one to guarantee that you will receive what you paid for. 

Honorable Mentions

There are not tons of websites available that specialize in selling race-suitable pigeons. So we decided to mention some sites that sell race-suitable pigeons. Yet, we don’t take any responsibility if you want to do any transactions with them. It’s up to you to decide whether you will trust them or not.

Racing Pigeon In USA


The EIJERKAMP is a Europe-based site that focuses only on racing pigeons. Don’t worry, as they do ship in the US. You can find all the information about their pigeons, including their race results. They are quite a popular site when it comes to pigeons. 

2. PigeonUSA

The PigeonUSA, as it sounds, is entirely based on the US market. Well, right after entering the site, it does look shady. Don’t worry; it actually isn’t. If you are searching for a pigeon that can race at a reasonable price, this is the place to be.

All the pigeons listed here are $150 or less. Their motive is that everyone should be able to afford one. 

Selecting a Reputable Seller: What to Look For?

Out of everything, a reputable seller is what you should aim for. If you can identify one, all the hassle becomes easier as the seller will guide you through the process. Also, the probability of you getting scammed diminishes. 

Racing Pigeon

Here are the things you should look out for when selecting a seller.


The first thing you should ask for is testimonials. This is an easy distinguisher as a bad seller wouldn’t be able to show you testimonials. Whereas a reputable seller will show it without even you asking him/her for that. 

Ask The Community

The community can be of a big help sometimes. Reputed sellers are limited in the racing community. So if one claims to be reputed, there are many forums available where you can ask the community for help. If they recognize the seller and add good reviews, you can trust the seller as well.

Every Inch Detail

A good seller knows their pigeon better than anyone. A tendency of a good seller is to always love and care for their pet. Hence, they tend to point out every single specialty about the things their pigeon has and can do. 

Ensuring the Health and Quality of Racing Pigeons being Purchased

Just the name “race winner pigeon” shouldn’t be enough for you to buy the pigeon. Here comes the part of ensuring the health and quality of the pigeon you are buying. Otherwise, you are just buying a pigeon that is going to get sick soon. Here’s a table of what a healthy pigeon looks like;

Ensuring the Health and Quality of Racing Pigeons being Purchased
FactorsWhat to look for
Feather qualityEnough nutrients and vitamins lead to healthy feathers
FitnessA pigeon that has been flown every day will have good fitness
EyesBright and clear eyes mean good eyesight and reflex
BehaviorA jolly pigeon shows that it has a lot of energy and healthy
If you’re an avid pigeon racing enthusiast, it’s essential to understand the crucial elements that contribute to successful racing pigeons. Our articles on the role of training in pigeon racing and the role of nutrition in the performance of racing pigeons provide valuable insights. The article on the role of training in pigeon racing delves into the importance of systematic training programs, conditioning, and maintaining a strong bond between handlers and racing pigeons for optimal performance. Additionally, our comprehensive guide on the role of nutrition in the performance of racing pigeons explores the impact of a balanced diet, supplements, and hydration on the overall health and racing capabilities of these remarkable birds.

Conclusion: Making the Best Choice for Buying Racing Pigeons in the USA

You have four options; fanciers, pet shops, online shops, and auction sites to purchase racing pigeons in the USA. Most pigeons that made their way as a winner last year are found with fanciers. While only a few of them goes to pet shops.

Lastly, the cheapest option you can seek is online shops and auction sites. It’s a gamble here, as you cannot check the pigeon by yourself. On the other hand, some people are also known to be extremely lucky here by closing an unbelievable deal.

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