Do Pigeons Eat Meat

Do Pigeons Eat Meat? A Bird With Herbivore and Omnivorous Nature

The stout-bodied vegetarian or herbivore bird pigeon is the symbol of peace, simplicity, and purity. But to ensure that the birds are healthy, some bird owners wonder if pigeons have any other eating habits.

So they asked, “Do Pigeons Eat Meat”? Yes, pigeons occasionally express omnivorous or scavenging behavior. This means they enjoy eating both cooked and raw meat in addition to plants. However, they commonly favor plants such as green veggies, grasses, herbs, weeds, grains, or fruits like berries.

In this article, you will get everything about pigeons eating meat, the type of meat and how much you will feed them, etc. Follow up and keep reading. 

Can You Feed Meat to Pigeons? What you Need to Know!

You can give your pigeons meat since they have a dietary plan known as omnivores, in which they consume plants, raw, sliced, and cooked meat high in protein, nutrients, and minerals, as well as any other beneficial food they come across.

Can You Feed Meat to Pigeons

But do you really know how we feed them meat since they don’t have a stomach or teeth to rend? Let’s find out how they consume food.

  • Pigeons have only gizzards and they lack stomachs
  • They struggle to digest any kind of meat due to their poor digestive and alimentary system
  • Pigeons swallow their meal completely because they lack teeth, unlike other animals eating ways like tearing and chewing meats
  • They gather dirt from the ground to use as grinding stones as they are unable to digest the meals naturally

What Type of Meat do Pigeons Eat?  Types of Meat

Pigeons can eat chicken, beef, pork, or any other type of meat, but it should be soft enough to consume. However, the following types of meats will be enough for them.

  • Pigeons can consume any kind of meat that will match their mouthparts
  • If you’re thinking about going to throw away the remaining fried chicken or beef, you could perhaps consider giving it to your beloved pigeon
  • The pigeon does not need too many meats to get nutrients; rather, a very small amount of well-cooked lean flesh will be enough
  • Fried chicken, meatballs, and hamburgers are some common foods eaten by city pigeons

Bonus Tips: Pigeons’ digestion is weak enough. Thus, feeding them a lot of meat can be unhealthy. Make sure you feed them the proper amount.

Do Pigeons Like Meat? Is Meat Good for Pigeons?

In most cases, pigeons are vegetarian. Many bird owners might not know if pigeons are fond of meat or if it’s good for them or not. Since they are scavengers, they are likely to eat all sorts of foods you offer. 

However, like other animals, they do not eat raw meat due to their digestive issues. They prefer well-cooked meats instead. In addition, pigeons who belong to an urban area can eat almost everything. That includes our waste foods though small-sized fishes are on their favorite list.

Do Pigeons Like Meat

Overall, as pigeons require a good amount of protein as well as nutrients, it can be beneficial for every pigeon to eat meat. But it shouldn’t be provided too regularly.

Health Benefits/Risks for Pigeons Eating Meats – Tips to Follow

Many owners are conscious of their pigeons’ health. Still, many of them don’t know what types of meats should be provided or not. The following tips might be helpful for them.

Benefits of having meats

  • It contains high protein
  • Try to provide red meat, as it has a generous number of vitamins, proteins, and minerals

Negative effects of eating meat

  • Excess protein might cause some health issues
  • Providing regular meat can make pigeons’ liver fatty

How Much Meat Should Pigeons Eat?

Feeding too much meat can be unhealthy for every pigeon as they don’t need a lot of protein. Despite the fact that other meals also include a lot of meat proteins.

How Much Meat Should Pigeons Eat

Usually, a healthy pigeon will take one-tenth, depending on its body weight. An adult pigeon can be fed approximately 180 grams. Before feeding meat, always make sure it’s cooked well and tender, then feed them.

What Meat Should You Not Feed Pigeons?

Some bird owners observed pigeons consuming fried chicken on the road and some pigeons trying to eat mice, fish, bread, or other dead animals to get a peck to take some meat. But because they are dangerous to them, they should never eat these as food.

Anyway, owners should pick the proper meats for their pigeons because not all meats are suitable for their health. Also, different species of meat might have a beneficial or bad impact on a pigeon’s health. Thus, there are some meats that are harmful to them.

Types of Meats you should avoid:

  • Raw meats
  • Spicy meat
  • Fried meat
  • Meat with excessive salt or oil

How do you Prepare Meat for Pigeons?

Preparing meat for the pigeon is not that tricky. You can simply cut the meat into pieces and cook them until the meat becomes soft. Remember, they cannot consume large meats or meats that are difficult to chew.

How do you Prepare Meat for Pigeons

Can you Feed Meat to Baby Pigeons? If so, how?

Baby pigeons generally need necessary nutrients, which mostly include crop milk. But when they behave like omnivores, your baby pigeon can eat meat. So make sure to give them cooked meat pieces and avoid raw meat. 

Also, due to their little mouthparts, pigeons and dove species manage better with tiny pieces.

Video Of a Pigeon Eating Meats

It’s rare to find out pigeons eating meat. But we have found a video where pigeons are enjoyably eating meat. Take a look at the video below.


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Read these commonly asked questions to get more information about pigeons eating meat. 

Q: Does a pigeon eat chicken?

Yes. Urban pigeons can eat soft chickens as well as other surrounding foods. Pigeons are also regarded as scavengers, a category of birds that eat nearly whatever they find.

Q: Can pigeons eat pork?

Yes, they can eat pork when they behave like omnivores or scavengers to have more nutrients and saturated fats. They will surely eat the food if they find it to be appetizing. But it’s not a part of their actual diet since they usually eat plants.

Q: Is a pigeon eating chicken cannibalism?

Pigeons eat chicken. Eating the same species is cannibalism, like pigeons eating pigeon flesh, is a pure cannibalism act. But eating chicken might not be considered that way.

Final Words

So, do pigeons eat meat? Yes, they do as they are not only vegetarian birds but also have omnivorous nature in them. We pet lovers used to have confusion regarding the fact if they really can consume the flesh. So, hopefully, this article has included the answer you were looking for!

However, whenever you decide to feed them meat, make sure you choose the right type of meat and avoid meets like fried, spicy, or raw meats. Also, keep in mind that you should never let them eat flesh too much. Rather, veggie items and a small amount of meat are enough for them.

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