Do Pigeons Eat Rice

Do Pigeons Eat Rice? Is Rice Good for Pigeons?

Pigeons are called peaceful birds. They are easy to tame and easily obey you. A place of living and giving timely food can make them happy. But people say that rice can cause death to pigeons.

Now come to the question, do pigeons eat rice? Yes, pigeons can eat rice. They can eat whole grain and cooked rice. The uncooked rice does not expand in their stomach, even after drinking water. It will quickly break down as the food does not stay long in the stomach.

In many countries of Asia, it is common to give rice to pigeons. That’s not the end. Stay with us to know more about this topic.

Do Pigeons Eat Rice?

Yes, pigeons eat rice. They can eat both uncooked and cooked rice. Many people think that rice can endanger its life, but that is only a myth. A bird’s stomach is not a cooker that can expand the uncooked rice and cause death to your bird.

Do Pigeons Eat Rice

Food does not stay in the stomach for a long time as they need more energy due to flying. The Pigeon has a high metabolic system and absorbs uncooked rice quickly. 

In Asian countries, people give their pigeons rice mixed with other grains. Pigeons are mental support for the owners. Also, these little birds demand less food with more affection.  

Uncooked Rice

You can give them uncooked rice mixed with wheat, barley, and millet. Only giving rice is a bad idea. Your pigeons will suffer from nutrition deficiency. So, mixing different types of seeds and rice or whole grains is good.

However, uncooked rice has no health hazard to pigeons. Their digestive system starts working while food reaches the stomach. It starts the degeneration of the food and breaks it down. 

Pigeons Eat Uncooked Rice

There is no option that the uncooked rice will absorb water into the stomach. To do that, a proper amount of heat is needed, as water and heat are mandatory while cooking rice. 

Due to heat, the starch changes its structure inside the rice and expands to double the raw size. But without proper heat, it will not change the structure. So, your pigeon will not expand or die due to eating uncooked rice.

Cooked Rice

Cooked rice is safe for vegetarian animals and many birds. After cooking the rice, it increases its size. Thus, where the amount of uncooked rice one pigeon will eat, after cooking, you can feed the same amount to two or three pigeons. Cooked rice can easily fulfill the hunger for a certain period.

As it is cooked and absorbs water, there is no chance to expand further. Though it is safe, you should not give it regularly. Variations in food can increase its interest.

Pigeons Eat Cooked Rice

Pigeons even steal from paddy fields. Rice contains no toxic elements. It could bother you that the uncooked rice is dry and quite hard if there is any problem in absorption or digestion. There will be no problem digesting it as the stomach contains many chemicals which can easily break it down.

Do Pigeons Like Rice?

Domestic pigeons eat rice, but they will not like to eat it daily. Seeds and fruits are their first preference. If you give rice after a long time, they will eat it with interest.

Do Pigeons Like Rice

It is said that only rice can not satisfy their hunger. They will be hungry quickly. Those pigeons which are not used to rice and eat grain seeds maximum times will not eat rice. If you give them only rice, they will not eat it at all.

Health Benefits For Pigeons Eating Rice

Not a lot of health benefits are found in pigeons for eating rice. Nevertheless, there are some you may take note of. 

Health Benefits For Pigeons Eating Rice
  • It is good to intake rice in a severe cold for pigeons. That can give them more energy and increase heat production.
  • It is a good source of carbohydrates. So, if your bird lacks carbs, it is the best option to feed them.
  • After digestion, the pigeons can get a lot of calories from it.
  • It is a good source of potassium and protein. So, rice can fulfill the daily requirements of protein and potassium.

Ingesting a lot of rice can make them fat. Also, it is not rich in other nutrients. So, it is better not to add it to daily dietary intake.

How Much Rice Should Pigeons Eat?

A pigeon can eat three to four oz of uncooked rice in a single day. This amount does not sound like a large amount. But this amount is almost half of its body weight. It can cause obesity or other diseases. 

How Much Rice Should Pigeons Eat

So, regularly giving rice in this amount is not a good thing. You should give less than two oz of rice with other seeds and fruits.

How Do You Prepare Rice For Pigeons?

The cooked rice is better than the uncooked one as it digests without creating any kind of problem. So, to cook the rice, you need rice and water in a ratio of 1:1.5. Then follow the steps below. 

How Do You Prepare Rice For Pigeons

Step 1. Wash the rice and rinse it properly

Step 2. Now keep the rice and water according to the ratio. People have a practice of mixing salt in rice. But salt is toxic for the birds as it can dehydrate them. So, avoid mixing salt with rice

Step 3. Heat it until the rice fully soaks the water

Step 4. Check whether the rice is properly cooked or not

Step. 5. If the middle portion is uncooked, mix ¼ cup or less than that amount of water and leave until fully cooked

Step 6. If it is properly cooked, serve it to your bird while the food is at room temperature.

That’s how you can prepare good food for your pigeons.

Can You Feed Rice to Baby Pigeons?

Yes, you can feed rice to baby pigeons. But not the uncooked rice. That can create problems in the digestive system. As their metabolic system is not developed well, their stomach can not digest the whole grain. So, if you want to feed them rice, you can give them cooked ones.

The baby pigeons also eat uncooked rice from their mother. They break the grain into pieces and feed them. But as an owner, you should not give it. Baby pigeons need more nutrients than food. So, make sure the food is enriched with nutrients to avoid malnutrition.

Example of pigeons eating rice: Video

How Can You Feed Rice to Baby Pigeons?

A good way to feed rice to baby pigeons is by making a formula that should contain plenty of water. Follow the steps. 

Step 1. Cook the rice where the proportion of water and rice should be 2:1

Step 2. After properly cooking, make a paste. You can add some water to make a thick paste

Step 3. Take a syringe in which the tip should be thin. Fill it with the solution. Here you should carefully dispose of the needle.

Step 4. Feed the baby bird slowly with the tip of the syringe.

You can mix other nutrients as rice does not contain much of them.

Pigeons are adaptable birds that can consume a range of different foods, including rice. If you’re interested in learning more about what other foods pigeons can eat, be sure to check out our articles on whether pigeons eat fish and whether cats eat pigeons. Our article on do pigeons eat fish explores the nutritional value of fish as a potential food source for pigeons, while our article on whether cats eat pigeons examines the behavior of cats towards pigeons and the potential risks for pigeon owners. These resources offer valuable information and expert advice to help you provide a balanced and safe environment for your feathered friends.


Read through some relative questions asked by people about pigeons eating rice.

Q: Is Rice Good for Racing Pigeons?

Yes, rice is good for racing pigeons. Birds need more calories as they need a lot of energy while flying. In the case of a racing pigeon, you should give it that type of food which will give it a lot of calories and little protein. Rice can meet this goal.

Q: Can Baby Pigeons Eat Uncooked Rice?

Yes. Baby pigeons can eat uncooked rice, but not the whole grain. It can create difficulties during deglutition and digestion. The parent birds break the grain, mix it with other foods and give it to the baby pigeon.

Q: Is Brown Rice Good for Pigeons?

Yes, brown rice is good for pigeons. It is far better than white and refined rice. Brown rice contains more food value than plain rice. So, it can be clearly said that brown rice is good for them.


That’s all about today’s topic of do pigeons eat rice. Uncooked rice can be given with other seeds, wheat, and fruits. It can change the taste of your little bird. You can give cooked rice but avoid giving salt. 

Although it is not a favorite one for your pigeon, they eat it with great interest if given after a period of interval. The baby pigeons can digest the cooked rice. It is good to avoid them raw. Also, regularly giving rice can develop obesity and organ damage. So, you should maintain the nutrient value while feeding them.

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