Do Pigeons Eat Oats

Do Pigeons Eat Oats? Are Oats Good For Pigeons?

If you want to feed the pigeons oats but are unsure of whether it is a good idea, don’t stress over that. Oatmeal is perfectly acceptable to serve to your birds.

So if you ask, do pigeons eat oats? Yes. Pigeons do consume oats, and they actually seem to enjoy it. Oats are a complete package of nutrition. It has numerous health advantages. Oats can be served both cooked and uncooked. 

Accordingly, you can include oats in the diet of your pigeons. All you need to do is watch your bird to make sure it doesn’t consume it excessively. Besides, baby pigeons can also consume oats, you just have to assist them in eating comfortably. Read to learn more. 

Can You Feed Oats To Pigeons?

Yes. You can feed oats to pigeons. Oats are a great source of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber for birds. Your pigeons can receive oats two to three times per week. Make sure they aren’t consuming it excessively, though, as that will lead to obesity.

Grains are pigeons’ favorite. Since oats are a type of grain, pigeons do consume it comfortably. However, not all pigeons enjoy grain, so it’s important to know what kind of bird you’re petting. Fantails, kings and tumblers are great pigeons as pets. They consume grains like oats, barley, and wheat with ease.

Can You Feed Oats To Pigeons

Regardless of that, there is a species of pigeon known as feral rock pigeons, also referred to as city pigeons. They dislike grains, particularly oats. They prefer eating seeds and insects.

Do Pigeons Like Oats? 

Pigeons consume oats, but it can be difficult to tell if they are truly enjoying it or not. However, we are able to infer that this is their typical diet. They eat it in the same way that they eat seeds.

Do Pigeons Like Oats

Similarly, pigeons also eat other types of grains like corn, barley, wheat, bulgar or even millet. You can also feed your pigeons. These can be served mixed or even separately. They love both ways.

How Do You Prepare Oats For Pigeons?

Pigeons prefer oats uncooked, so they don’t actually require any preparation. You can serve oats normally to pigeons, giving them raw/uncooked. People mistakenly mix milk with oats, but birds are completely milk intolerant, so that is bad. 

Therefore, it would be much better if you added some of their favorite stuff like the seed, wheat, and barley grains. You can also mix bird feeds with oats. Accordingly, you can mix all those grains or you can also add some seeds with the oats.

How Do You Prepare Oats For Pigeons

However, don’t forget to serve water with food for the pigeons. The reason is that an average pigeon drinks more or less 30 ml of water daily. This helps function their body. 

The Health Benefits Of Oats For Pigeons

Oats are among the healthiest grain on the earth, with most of the major nutrients, including carbs, protein, and calories. Besides, oats ultimately help birds to lose weight. Therefore, it is preferable to include oats in your bird’s daily diet if it is overweight. 

The Health Benefits Of Oats For Pigeons

Consuming oats can lower the risk of developing heart disease, which is a significant advantage. It’s very likely that your bird will develop heart disease if it is obese. So oats will be a great aid for that. In addition to this, it contains plenty of protein, iron, and calcium, all of which strengthen a bird’s bones and wings.

Can you feed Oats to baby Pigeons? If so, how?

Yes, you can actually feed oats to your baby pigeons. However, young pigeons struggle to eat it, so you must assist them by holding the cup or placing the food you’ll serve in it. Baby pigeons have very small beaks, so they can’t eat by themselves.

You can serve baby pigeons in any manner you choose because they taste good, both cooked and raw oats. Oats can be given to them two to three times per week. You’re not required to combine any other seeds or anything. If they still find it difficult to eat, don’t serve them.

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Can Pigeons Consume Different Types of Oats?

Yes. Pigeons can consume different types of oats. All of these oats are packed with nutrients and all other essential vitamins and minerals. So pigeons have no trouble eating them. 

Can Pigeons Consume Different Types of Oats

But they will prefer the steel-cut oats, this one is similar to seeds, and somehow they like it most rather than porridge and rolled.  One reason can be porridge and rolled oats are a bit more processed than steel-cut oats.

Pigeons have a diverse diet, and it’s important to provide them with a variety of foods to keep them healthy and happy. If you’re interested in learning more about what pigeons eat, be sure to check out our articles on whether pigeons eat corn and whether they eat mice. Our article on do pigeons eat corn explores the nutritional benefits of this common birdseed, while our article on do pigeons eat mice provides insights into this unique aspect of pigeon behavior. These resources offer valuable information and expert advice to help you provide a varied and nutritious diet for your feathered friends.


Here are a few questions and answers regarding do pigeons eat oats or not. Hope this will give you more insight into the topic.

Q: What would happen if I give my pigeons oats every day?

Your birds will eventually become ill if you regularly feed them carbohydrates. Oats are primarily a carb-based food. They will put on a lot of weight, making it simple for them to get obese. In addition, it may raise the number of triglycerides in their blood.
In the end, giving them carbohydrates every day won’t do them any good.

Q: Can pigeons get boredom by eating foods like oats?

Yes. If they eat too much, they will get boredom. The cause of boredom is overeating. Whatever they eat, whether it be oats or another food. 
So, as an owner of a pet bird, it is your duty to ensure they are not eating too much, whether it’s water or any other food. Numerous issues are associated with boredom.

Q: What other foods can I give them in place of oats?

One of the nutrient-rich foods is oats. However, you can give these items as an alternative since there isn’t an exact replacement for them. 
1. Millet
2. Chia seeds
3. Buckwheat
4. Quinoa
If you’re out of oats, you can still serve this food if you’d like. Nutritionally speaking, they are fairly similar but taste somewhat different.

Final Words

You’ve probably figured out do pigeons eat oats or not by now. Pigeons are fairly common birds and they eat almost everything that other birds eat. Consuming oats is also common for them. 

Likewise, pigeons enjoy eating oats and they are a great source of nutrition. You can also feed oats to the baby pigeons. Make sure they are not overeating this while serving. Oats are ultimately a fantastic food that benefits pigeons, but overeating may cause other health issues. 

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