Do Pigeons Eat Mice

Do Pigeons Eat Mice? [Everything You Need To Know]

Pigeons are beautiful and one of the most friendly birds found in nature. However,  to take care of them, you need to keep an eye out for their diet. 

So, do pigeons eat mice? The answer is no. While pigeons have a wide range of items in their diet, these birds do not eat mice. Typically, the diet of the bird depends on plants, seeds, and so on. 

If you want to know more about this topic, read the details in this guide. Here, we will discuss several key pieces of information as well. So, stay with us till the end of the article!

Do Pigeons Eat Mice?

No, pigeons do not feed on mice. This is because the beaks of pigeons are not strong enough or designed to eat mice. The diet of these birds usually consists of plant-based matters, such as seeds, rice, and many more. 

Apart from the beaks, even the digestive system of the pigeons is not suitable for digesting the mice in any manner. This means that the body of pigeons is not fit for feasting on mice or any other animal. 

Do Pigeons Eat Mice

However, due to the widely spread diet of the birds, they usually consume small insects, such as bugs, lizards, and many more. Another reason pigeons cannot consume mice as a part of their diet is that the birds do not have any teeth. 

So, without teeth, the birds will not be able to break down the meat. And swallowing the meat of the mice without breaking it into smaller pieces is not possible for the bird.

Can You Feed Mice To Pigeons?

No. You should not feed mice to pigeons. Many pet owners wonder whether they should feed mice to their pigeons or not. Pet owners can usually tear or cut up the meat into small pieces and feed them to their pet birds. However, you must never do it under any circumstances. 

The reason behind this is that the mice often spread diseases and can potentially result in the death of your bird. Mice can easily carry parasites or other harmful bacteria in their body.

In addition to that, the mice often move around in areas including harmful chemicals or gases. And feeding the mouse to the bird can result in the bacteria spreading inside the pigeon. 

Do Pigeons Like Mice?

No, pigeons do not like mice as they cannot eat them. This is because the birds do not have the appropriate beak or digestive system to eat the meat of the mice. 

On top of that, mice are fierce and fast animals, and pigeons can get seriously injured when trying to tackle mice. A pigeon’s diet usually relies on a wide range of grains and seeds. 

Do Pigeons Like Mice

Risks For Pigeons Eating Mice

There are several risks that a pigeon will encounter if they eat mice in any circumstance. Take a look at the risks for pigeons if they eat mice. 

  • Mice may carry diseases, bacteria, or parasites that will harm the pigeon if they consume the meat
  • These mice are often found in areas where harmful chemicals and other toxins are present. And the toxins could be ingested by the pigeon when it consumes the mouse
  • The meat of the mice is not suitable for the digestive system of the pigeon
  • Pigeons can encounter severe injuries when trying to catch or tackle a mouse

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Mice To Pigeons

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why you should not feed mice pigeons. These reasons are:

Why You Shouldn't Feed Mice To Pigeons
  1. Pigeons do not have teeth to chew the meat of the mice or break it down, thus feed them mice might cause digestive issues
  2. The beak and the digestive system are only suitable for a plant-based diet, including grain, seeds, and many more
  3. These birds can get diseases from the pigeons due to bacteria, toxins, etc., in the system

What Do Pigeons Eat?

Now that we have established that pigeons cannot eat mice, let us know the details about what they eat. The diet of pigeons living in the wild is quite different compared to the ones kept as pets.

Pigeons kept as pets typically rely on diets that mainly consist of sunflower seeds, grains, fruits, and so on. 

What Do Pigeons Eat

On the other hand, pigeons out in nature do not have a fixed palette. They typically feed on grains or seeds found in the wild. Not only that, but they also rely on fruits, vegetables, tiny bugs, insects, etc. 

Do Mice Attack Or Eat Pigeons?

Yes. Even though pigeons cannot eat mice, a mouse can easily attack or eat a pigeon. Usually, mice attack pigeons in case they are old or weak. This is typically seen as the perfect opportunity, as weak or old birds do not have the strength to fight the mice. 

On top of that, baby pigeons are typically a target of the mice. Oftentimes, the mice will keep an eye on the pigeon’s nest. And attack or eat the baby pigeons in case the mother flies away or moves attention from the nest. 

Do Mice Attack Or Eat Pigeons

In quite a few cases, mice attack healthy and young pigeons. And in these cases, the mice can severely injure the pigeon, or the bird can fight back or fly away to save itself. 

Pigeons are opportunistic eaters, and they will consume a variety of foods when available. If you’re interested in learning more about what foods pigeons can eat, be sure to check out our articles on whether pigeons eat bread and whether they eat fish. Our article on do pigeons eat bread examines the pros and cons of feeding bread to pigeons, while our article on do pigeons eat fish explores the nutritional value of fish as a potential food source for pigeons. These resources offer valuable information and expert advice to help you provide a balanced and healthy diet for your feathered friends.


Do you still have confusion about the topic? Read the commonly asked questions to get a clear idea. 

Q: Can You Feed Mice To Baby Pigeons?

No, you cannot. Moreover, mice are not suitable for pigeons of any age. They do not have teeth and swallow food as a whole. And due to this reason, they cannot break down meat into tiny pieces for consumption. 

Q: Which Birds Eat Mice?

There are several birds out in the world that attack and eat mice. These birds include eagles, hawks, crows, and many more.

Q: What Do Pigeons Prefer To Eat?

Pigeons do not have a specific preference when it comes to food. However, these birds usually feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, and so on. 

Final Words 

Many people are passionate about keeping pet pigeons or prefer to feed them out in the world. However, keeping an eye on the diet and ensuring proper nutrients is a must for good health. And a common question from pigeon enthusiasts is, do pigeons eat mice?

Well, now that you know the answer to the question, we hope you can easily take care of the pigeons. Make sure that you do not feed them mice meat under any condition.

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