Do Pigeons Eat Bread

Do Pigeons Eat Bread? All You Need to Know!

Pigeons usually eat grain-like foods such as vegetables, seeds, popcorn kernels, etc. Maybe you don’t have a pet; instead, you want to feed them a quick bread snack.

But the question is, do pigeons eat bread? Yes, they do eat bread. It does not do any harm to them. But it also does not give them any nutritious value. So it is all about the choice and situation.

Read on to learn all the things related to pigeons eating bread. Some items may even surprise you.

Can You Feed Bread To Pigeons?

Yes. You can feed bread to pigeons. Pigeons are omnivores. They can eat almost anything. But they can not eat insects in large portions. So it is fine for them to eat bread. 

Can You Feed Bread To Pigeons

But the problem remains that the bread does not have enough nutritious value. The main five ingredients in making bread are 

  1. Sugar
  2. Salt
  3. Flour 
  4. Yeast
  5. Oil

As you can see, five of the ingredients are not that nutritious. They do not have heavy amounts of fat, which is good. But they contain complex carbohydrates and only small amounts of protein, B-group vitamins, and minerals. The amount does not contribute much to their health.

Also, they have a special pouch in their stomach. Pigeons swallow their food whole, which gets grounded in that pouch. So slices of bread can be absorbed in that pouch. For this reason, they can eat bread without a hitch. But as with any other thing, it should be fed in moderation.

Berries, vegetables, seeds, popcorn kernels, cauliflower, etc., are nutritious food for the regular diet of a pigeon. They can occasionally eat bread. But the problem occurs when they eat bread regularly. Too much bread won’t do any good to them as it doesn’t have high nutritious value.

Rather, it may harm them instead of good. So feeding them bread daily should be avoided. Instead, providing them with nutritious food combinations of vegetables and berries is the right way to go.

Do Pigeons Like Bread?

Yes. On an occasional basis, pigeons will enjoy eating bread. But too much bread is not suitable for their diet and health. If they end up depending on eating bread too much, then a problem occurs. 

Do Pigeons Like Bread

Naturally, pigeons are extraordinary at finding their food in nature. Nature is full of nutritious food for pigeons. But eating too much bread makes them dependent on humans. 

Instead of enjoying the natural food found after scavenging the environment of nutritious food, they will be hooked on bread. It goes against their nature. So although pigeons may like bread, it may not be suitable for them.

Risks For Pigeons Eating Bread

Risks For Pigeons Eating Bread

Several problems may occur if pigeons eat too much bread. The problems are:

  1. Bread is water-absorbent. After a pigeon eats the bread, it may expand in its stomach. Although they have a muscular, digestive stomach pouch, too much expansion can harm them.
  2. As mentioned earlier, the nutrient value of bread is negligent. If you want to provide your pet pigeon with a nutritious diet, depending on bread is not the right path.
  3. Usually, pigeons eat pellet-like foods. They are small but are enough in quantities that can be eaten in one go. Pigeons benefit by eating a good amount of seed-like foods. But bread can quickly fill their stomach without providing them as much nutrition.
  4. If pigeons eat bread alone and take out a big chunk of bread in one go, they may choke them. This way, they could die just because of eating bread.
  5. Bread can get moldy due to moisture in the bread. Hence, eating moldy bread is harmful to pigeons.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Bread to Pigeons?

As mentioned earlier, bread is not only devoid of nutrition but also has its risks. Bread can choke the pigeons, which is fatal. If bread expands in their stomach, it can be bad for them.

Also, bread quickly fills pigeons’ stomachs, keeping them from eating the right amount of nutritious food. Unfortunately, if they eat moldy bread, it will be toxic.

Why You Shouldn't Feed Bread to Pigeons

Foods You Need  To Avoid Giving To Pigeons?

There are some other foods that you should avoid giving to pigeons. They are:


Salt is a dehydrating agent and can easily weaken pigeons by dehydrating them.


Any products that contain caffeine and tea should be avoided. They can cause pigeons to have high blood pressure or cardiac arrest.

Leftover Food

Leftover food, if it contains any bacteria or fungus, can cause many diseases. These should be avoided at all costs when you feed your pet pigeon.

Video Of a Pigeon Eating Bread

Here is a video showing a flock of pigeons eating bread.

Feeding bread to pigeons is a common practice, but is it the best food for these birds? If you’re curious about what other foods pigeons can eat, be sure to check out our articles on whether pigeons eat rice and the differences between quail and pigeons. Our article on do pigeons eat rice provides insights into the nutritional value of rice as a potential food source for pigeons, while our article on the differences between quail and pigeons explores the distinct characteristics and diets of these two birds. These resources offer valuable information and expert advice to help you make informed decisions about what to feed your feathered friends.


Here are some answers to frequent inquiries related to pigeons’ feeding habits.

Q: What is a pigeon’s favorite food?

They do not have any particular favorite food, so any food is fine for them. It is better to provide them with nuts, seeds, and vegetables. They should get a balanced diet, so foods containing fat and protein are also necessary. Nuts and fruits are best for getting nutrition.

Q: What can I feed pigeons instead of bread?

Instead of bread, you can provide them with bird food; this option is best if you feed a rescued bird. You can also give them minced broccoli, edamame, carrots, cauliflower, lima beans, corn, and bell peppers.
They also eat unsalted chopped nuts, sunflower seeds, uncooked popcorn kernels, rice, lentils or quinoa, etc.

Q: Do pigeons eat rice?

Yes. Pigeons do eat rice, and it does not harm them. The digestion is a bit different for them. As they swallow the food whole and do not chew, the food is taken into a pouch in their stomach. The food gets grounded in that pouch, and nutrients are taken in from that.


If you were looking for the answer to do pigeons eat bread? Then you now know. Although they do not hate bread, it is not good for them. Occasionally feeding them bread is fine. But making them dependent on bread goes against their instinct.

So if you choose to feed bread to your pigeons, avoid it at all costs and keep the bread as a last option. Provide them other bird food, minced vegetables  like broccoli, edamame, carrots, cauliflower, lima beans, corn, and bell peppers, etc. 

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