Do Pigeons Eat Corn

Do Pigeons Eat Corn? – Is This Healthy For Pigeons?

Compared to other birds, pigeons are not so picky about their food. They have a variety of food in their diets that are nutritious and good for their health. But does corn include in their diet? 

Do pigeons eat corn? Yes, pigeons are granivorous. They like to eat corn. Corn is easy to digest and full of protein. It provides all nutrition to the pigeons. It is entirely healthy for them to eat corn.

So, further, in this article, I will discuss why you can feed corn to pigeons, how much corn pigeons should eat, the health benefits of pigeons eating corn and many more about it. So, let’s start!

Can You Feed Corns To Pigeons? 

Yes. You can undoubtedly feed corn to pigeons. Corns add to an excellent benefit for pigeons. Just like you and me, they love to eat corn. So, to know what so special about corn that makes them eatable to pigeons, let’s go through the table below –

Can You Feed Corns To Pigeons
Why You Can Feed The Pigeons CornsReasons
Healthy to eatCorns are an excellent food that provides vitamins, protein, fiber, and all the needed nutrition to the pigeon. So it is healthy to feed the pigeons corn
Pigeons are granivorous birdsGranivorous pigeons mainly eat corn or grains as the main part of their diet. They like eating it, and it is also beneficial for them. So you can feed corn to them
Nourishing for pigeonsCorns are great for pigeons’ growth and nourishment because of the nutrition they provide
Healthy fatsCorn contains healthy fats, which turns out in favor of pigeons in winter because this time they need to stay insulated

Corn is a good pigeon food. It provides strength to the pigeon’s body and fulfills the need for nutrition to the pigeons. There are no bad effects of pigeons eating corn. Just remember that they should not be overfed with corn in hot weather. Overfeeding them with corn can lead them having bad health. 

You should feed the corn to the pigeons in a limited way. Because corn contains high fats, which, if taken more than needed, can deteriorate pigeons’ health. Pigeons should stay healthy and strong. Corn is such a food that can make the pigeon’s health better for sure. 

But when giving food to the pigeons, you can mix up other pigeon foods such as grains, seeds, rice, and pellets in their diet. Doing this will make sure that they are receiving various nutrients from different foods.

Do Pigeons Like Corn

Yes. Pigeons like corn. They endeavor it. So as granivorous birds, they mainly eat seeds and grains. The best part is that corns are good for their health, and they love eating it. 

Do Pigeons Like Corn

They like it would please them while eating corn and provide the pigeons with needed supplements. This will also help them to have good health.

Health Benefits For Pigeons Eating Corn

Pigeons eating corn gives them loads of vitamins, protein, and fiber. Just like you and I need nutrition and vitamin, pigeons also need this to have good health. So, what can be better than corn for nutrition and vitamin? Of course, corn is rich in providing vitamins and nutrition to them.

Health Benefits For Pigeons Eating Corn

So, what health benefits does a pigeon get by eating corn? Let’s know through the below points –

  • The fiber in the corn makes digestion easy for the pigeons. So it also means that there is significantly less chance of constipation for the pigeons if they eat corn
  • Corn contains vitamin A, which makes the skin of pigeons fresh and healthful. Vitamin A has an antioxidant that protects the pigeon’s face from being tanned. The pigeons will be less likely to encounter skin diseases
  • The beta carotene in the corn improves the eye-sight of the pigeon. There is plentiful data carotene in the corn, which helps the corn with a better eye-sight
  • Pigeons need a lot of protein to grow, and corn has ample protein in it. Protein helps the pigeons to have a growth
  • Vitamin C improves the immunity system of a pigeon

How Much Corn Should Pigeons Eat?

Corns are full of fat. So pigeons should not eat too much corn as this may lead them to have bad health. You can start giving them two tablespoons of food a day. Thus, they need to finish the food by sunset, so if you see more food left on the tray after sunset, you are providing them with more food than needed. 

How Much Corn Should Pigeons Eat

So, you can decrease the amount of food from the next day or adjust it, considering how much they eat each day.

How Do You Prepare Corn For Pigeons?

You can find commercial blends for the pigeons, which is a mix of grains for pigeons. But when you want to prepare corn yourself for your pigeons, you might be wondering how to do this. I’ve got you covered. 

How Do You Prepare Corn For Pigeons

By following the simple steps below, you can prepare corn for the pigeons –

Step 1. Although corn has an efficient level of nutrition, you can mix some ingredients with the corn to feed pigeons for a balanced diet. You can add wheat or rice for a good nutrition combination of foods

Step2. Then blend the ingredients together. You can avoid cooking the ingredients, which is alright for the pigeons to eat

Step 3. Now serve the food to your pigeons in a tray

Can You Feed Corn to Baby Pigeons? If So, How?

Newborn pigeons can be only fed with crop milk. Their parents provide this crop of milk by their crop. But after 1-2 weeks, you can start feeding them defrosted corn. Check out below how you can feed baby pigeons –

Step 1. First, defrost corn in warm water

Step 2. Give them one corn kernel at a time and wait till they finish it

Step 3. Give them another corn kernel after swallowing it

Step 4. Keep feeding them unless the crop feels like a sag bag

Watch pigeons eating corn in this video here

When Is The Best Time To Feed Corns To Pigeons

You can feed corn to the pigeons at any time of the year. But knowingly, winter is a great month to feed corn to the pigeons. It’s not that you can’t feed corn to pigeons in summer. But corn contains a good amount of fats which produce heat. Hence, it is not good for pigeons’ health if eaten too much. 

When Is The Best Time To Feed Corns To Pigeons

Feeding corn in winter is a good idea. Because in winter, pigeons need to stay insulated. So, when you provide corn to them in winter, it is best for them.

Pigeons are omnivorous birds and can eat a variety of foods, both natural and human-provided. If you’re interested in learning more about what foods pigeons can eat, be sure to check out our articles on whether pigeons eat peanuts and whether they eat bread. Our article on do pigeons eat peanuts explores the nutritional benefits and risks of feeding peanuts to pigeons, while our article on do pigeons eat bread provides insights into this common human-provided food and its impact on pigeons’ health. These resources offer valuable information and expert advice to help you make informed decisions about your pigeon’s diet.


    I have answered the most asked question in this section. You can check it out here –

    Q: Can I Feed Pigeons Cooked Corn?

    Yes. You can absolutely feed pigeons cooked corn. But remember, not to mix any fatty ingredients with the corn. Excessive fat is totally unhealthy for them to eat.

    Q: Is Corn Safe To Eat?

    Yes. Corn is safe to eat. And not does it only safe to eat, but corn also provides a considerable deal of protein and vitamins to pigeons.

    Q: What Does Corn Do For Pigeons 

    Eating corn has many health benefits for the pigeon. Corn is a great food for pigeons, providing them with the needed nutrition.


    From the above article, you can know that corn is one of the best food for pigeons. It provides them with all the essential nutrition, protein and vitamins. So, when you have a question, do pigeons eat corn? Know that corn is healthy for them, and they also like eating it. Serve them corn, and watch them enjoy! 

    However, this article showed why you could feed corn to pigeons, how much corn pigeons should eat, what are the best time to provide them and everything over and above it. So it is crystal clear that pigeons can eat corn.

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