Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon: Appearance, Behavior, Care, And More

Lahores are one of the most beautiful breeds of fancy pigeons known to mankind today. Their large size, coupled with beautiful color patterns and long muffs make them stand out from the rest. They also have a calm and gentle nature which makes them ideal for keeping as pets.

Whether you want to keep a Lahore pigeon as a pet or you’re just curious to know more about it, you’ll find this article helpful. We’ll discuss the breed’s history and origin, behavior, appearance, diet, suitability as a pet, tips for taking care of the bird in captivity, and more.

Lahore Pigeon Quick Facts:

Scientific nameColumba livia domestica
Other namesNone
Breed nameLahore
OriginLahore city, Pakistan
Breed purposeExhibition, ornamental, pet
Weight480 to 550 grams
Flying abilityModerate
Cost$300 to $500
Lifespan10+ years

Origin and history

Lahore pigeon originated from Lahore, Pakistan’s second most populous city. However, it has also been discovered that the bird used to have been bred in an area in present-day India and Iran.

The bird was then imported to Germany around 1880 where it become a popular breed among pigeon fans and enthusiasts at the beginning of the 1960s. The pigeons are currently found in Shiraz city of Iran.

Lahore Pigeon Origin and history

Initially, the bird was bred for utility as its large size qualified it for meat production.

However, today’s Lahore pigeon is mainly raised for exhibitions around the world owing to its colorful patterns and beautiful plumage. The bird is also gentle and calm, making it ideal for keeping as a pet.


The Lahore pigeon is a large bird measuring approx. 30 cm long and 27 cm tall. It weighs approx. 480 to 550 grams. This sizeable body is the reason behind the bird being initially used for meat production.

This pigeon breed has a white base color and a secondary color that starts its beak and wattle juncture and then extends in an arc over its eyes as well as across its wings and back. Its tail and rump are also usually white.

Its neck is heavily featured and leads down to a full and broad chest. Its cheeks are plum. And the beak is stout and broad while being blunt at the tip.

The feet and legs of Lahore pigeon are feathered such that the bird appears as if it has some thick stockings on.

Don’t forget that the Lahore pigeons are bred in multiple color varieties. The most popular varieties include red, blue, yellow, black, brown, blue-bar, silver barred, checkered, silver checkered, cream barred, stencil

The video below gives you a closer look at the beauty that is the Lahore pigeons



Lahore is generally a calm, gentle, and shy bird. It’s relatively docile in terms of temperament. And the fact that it’s good-natured means you can easily and quickly tame it.

The pigeons communicate with each other via soft coos and whistles. They also do it with the help of their wings and other body languages such as head bobbing and bowing.

Lahore Pigeon Behavior

Before mating, the male shows interest in its female counterpart by strutting around it in a circle with a puffed-up chest and stretched tail. It then uses bobbing as a mating ritual.

When the Lahore pigeon feels threatened, it stretches its tail and raises its wings as a way of scaring away potential predators.


You should also give your Lahore pigeons a balanced diet to keep them happy and in good health. Their diet isn’t much different from what a pigeon typically eats.

They require a variety of grains such as barley, safflower seeds, flax seeds, millet, corn, etc., as their primary diet.

You can get commercial birdseed mix-ups or you can make your own mixes at home. Just make sure you use the right seeds that are safe and non-toxic for your bird.

Additionally, your bird will benefit from adding fresh veggies, fruits, and legumes to their diet. You should also provide them with access to clean and fresh water every day.

Giving the birds grit or crushed oyster shells in their diet can also help with the digestion process as well as supplement their mineral intake.

Lahore pigeons as pets

The Lahore pigeon breed is suitable for keeping as a pet for many reasons. Firstly, it will make a beautiful pet as it comes in multiple color varieties.

Secondly, it’s submissive in nature which makes it easily tamable. Thirdly, the bird is low maintenance and doesn’t require too much attention.

However, keep in mind that these pigeons are quite shy and may take longer to become used to you.

If you decide to keep these birds as pets, then you should be ready to give the best care possible to keep them happy and healthy. This includes providing them with a proper diet, good housing conditions (and cleaning it regularly), and regular vet checkups.

Lahore pigeons as pets

For the housing part, you’ll need to provide your Lahore with spacious housing where it can fly and move around freely to exercise. You should also let your birds fly in the open regularly to further encourage them to exercise and stay healthy.

Also, if you don’t give the bird enough care and attention, it may become aggressive. So make sure you spend some time interacting with your pigeons every day.

And as you interact with the birds, keep a close eye on their behavior.

These birds aren’t immune to various common diseases in birds such as respiratory infections. So, if your notice signs of illness in your pigeons, take them to the vet immediately.


Lahore pigeons are good breeders. You just need to keep them in pairs and they’ll mate naturally to produce offspring.

The female typically lays two eggs per clutch and then incubates them for 17 to 19 days until they hatch into young ones.

The birds are known to rear their youngsters quite well until they become old enough to survive on their own.

Lahore Pigeon Breeding

Just make sure you provide your pigeons with suitable nesting areas and a healthy diet during this breeding period.

If you’re serious about breeding Lahore pigeons, then you may want to join various clubs around that provide helpful info nm how to come up with good quality chicks.

One such club is the American Lahore Club (ALC) which is based in Texas.


Lahore pigeon costs around $300 to $500 per bird. The exact price varies depending on the breed and quality you get. Your location and the breeder you buy from will also influence the price you’ll pay for a Lahore pigeon.

Some high-quality Lahore pigeons with desirable physical traits such as a well-rounded chest, distinct head shape, etc., tend to cost more. Lower-quality breeds that don’t meet the breed standards will cost way less.

If you’re buying the bird in an area where it’s less common, then the prices may be higher due to limited availability and increased demand.

As always, we recommend researching reputable breeders who are likely to give you high-quality birds at a more affordable price.


The expected lifespan of a Lahore pigeon is around 10 years, just like most of the other pigeon breeds that are descendants of the rock pigeon.

However, some birds can live for more than 10 years depending on their genetics, diet, and the overall care and attention you give them.

Lahore Pigeon Lifespan

You can help your bird live longer by providing it with the best care possible.

This includes proper nutrition, spacious and clean living conditions, and regular vet checkup to help identify various diseases and address them before they progress into more serious complications.

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Final Verdict

Lahore pigeons have large sizes, beautiful color patterns, and long muffs which make them truly beautiful show birds. They’re pretty common in pigeon shows and exhibitions across the world. Their calm and gentle nature also makes them suitable for keeping as pets. They’re also good breeders and take good care of their chicks until they become old enough to feed on their own. If you keep a Lahore pigeon as a pet, be sure to provide it with a healthy diet, and healthy living conditions, and take it to the vet for regular checkups. These care tips will keep your pigeon happy and healthy.

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