Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon: Origin, Appearance, Behavior, Care, And More

The Lucerne Gold collar is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated pigeons. It’s easily recognizable for the gold collar surrounding its neck which makes it highly valued by pigeon fanciers all over. The bird is also generally calm and docile, a trait that makes it suitable for raising as a pet.

Our guide below will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Lucerne gold collar pigeon. We’ve touched on important parts of this bird including its origin and history, behavioral traits, physical description, breeding, and how suitable it is for keeping as a pet.

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon Quick Facts:

Scientific nameColumba livia domestica
Other namesLuzerner Goldkragen, Lucernese a Collo Dorato, Lucernois à Col Doré
Breed nameLucerne Gold Collar
Breed purposeFlying, exhibitions, pets
Weight350 to 450 gams
Flying abilityGood
CostSeveral hundred dollars
Lifespan7 to 10 years

Origin and history

The Lucerne Gold collar pigeon is native to Lucerne in Switzerland around the 1800s—this is how it gets half of its name.

Similar to many other breeds of domesticated pigeons, this pigeon was developed following many years of selective breeding. And it’s a descendant of the rock pigeon (Columba livia).

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon Origin and history

This pigeon is popular for its unique grey head and gold-colored neck, hence the name Golden collar pigeon.

It’s worth noting that the Lucerne pigeon has up to 7 other breeds and the golden collar is just one of them. This particular breed belongs to the Swiss Lucerne peak crested pigeon variety.

Over time, this bird’s popularity has grown outside its native Swiss country and into other parts of the world, including the USA. We even found this Facebook group of Lucerne pigeon breeders from the USA.


The Lucerne gold color bird is a medium-sized bird. Its most defining feature is the gold collar that sits on its neck.

It has a short, well-rounded body and a short and thick neck. Its chest appears broad while its back appears slightly sloped back.

The head is small and rounded with a small crest of feathers at the top. The beak is short, and the eyes are small and dark colored.

Plumage is soft and smooth and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The bird’s primary feathers are usually short and study while its tail feathers are tapered and long.

Legs and feet are also short and study and usually pale pink or flesh-colored. The legs are also covered with feathers

The most common colorations and markings are grouped according to the wing pattern and include the barred, bar-less, and checkered varieties.

The following video gives you a closer view of the Lucerne gold collar pigeon



The Lucerne gold collar pigeons are generally peaceful birds. They’re calm and docile, which makes them suitable for keeping as pets (more details coming up later).

The birds are also quite friendly towards their owner as well as other pigeons. They will get along well if kept with other birds in the same coop or aviary. You won’t even witness any forms of squabbles.

These birds are also great flyers and can take wing at high speeds, and for longer periods of time. There even feature in various flying shows and competitions across the world.

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon Behavior

Lucerne gold collar pigeon diet

The ideal diet for these birds should contain seeds and grains. Examples of seeds/grains to consider include peanuts, corn, wheat, millet, barley, etc. Safflower seeds are also a favorite for these birds.

Dark leafy greens, fresh vegetables, and fruits should also be fed to the birds to supplement their diet.

Don’t forget that this breed also requires a daily supply of fresh and clean water to stay hydrated. Some bird owners also recommend feeding grit to their pigeons to help promote easy food digestion.

Lucerne gold collar pigeon diet

Lucerne gold collar pigeons as pets

This breed is popular among pet bird enthusiasts due to its calm and docile nature. The fact that the pigeon is also friendly and affectionate toward humans and other birds makes it an even better pet.

That said, you’ll need to ensure you take good care of your pigeons to keep them happy and healthy at all times.

One way to take good care of your birds is by providing them with a comfortable and spacious loft. This will enable them to move around freely and exercise.

Make sure the loft is well secured from predators and harsh weather elements for the safety of your birds.

You should also routinely clean the coop to prevent the buildup of diseases causing bacteria, fungi, and disease-causing other microorganisms.

Lucerne gold collar pigeons as pets

Next, you’ll need to provide the pigeon with a healthy and balanced diet made up of a variety of seeds and grains, fresh veggies, and fruits. Clean and fresh water is also essential for these birds.

Since these birds are sociable and friendly, consider keeping them in pairs or in small groups of birds to enhance socialization. You should also interact with them regularly to help create strong bonds with them.

We also advise you to regularly invite an avian vet to examine your pigeons. This will ensure they’re free of various health issues, ensuring a long and healthy life.


The gold collar pigeon is an excellent breeder. But you’ll need to play your part by providing it with a suitable nesting site, a clean and comfortable nesting area, and a nutritious diet.

You should also ensure you breed the birds in such a way you maintain their characteristic gold coloration (if it’s important to you).

You should also be careful about pairing the mates if you want to maintain the bird’s wing pattern.

For instance, if you’re breeding a barred Lucerne golden color pigeon and want to maintain the barred pattern, then you can breed it with a barred or bar-less one.

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeons Breeding

For a bar-less variety, you should only mate it with a bar-less bird to maintain the bar-less pattern.

And for the checkered bird, you can breed it with just any other variety as it boasts high amounts of color reserve.

(Click this guide to get more breeding tips for the Lucerne gold collar pigeon).

The birds are capable of producing several eggs clutches per year. Each clutch is made up of around 2 eggs. The mating pair incubates their eggs for around 18 days until they hatch into young chicks.

The birds are also great parents and take turns in incubating their eggs as well as taking care of their offspring. They feed and rear their young ones until they become old enough to feed on their own.

Lucerne golden collar pigeon price

The Lucerne gold color pigeon is one of the fanciest birds available so you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. You’ll need to spend a few hundred dollars for one bird.

That said, some birds can cost way cheaper than others. The exact price will vary depending on factors such as pedigree, gender, color, age, etc.

An un-pedigreed pigeon may cost you less while a high-quality bird with show standard quality will cost you more.

When buying a Lucerne gold collar pigeon, we advise you to first research the Lucerne pigeon breeders available

This will help you find a reputable breeder who will most likely sell you well-cared-for, healthy, and high-quality birds.


The average lifespan of this gold collar pigeon is around 7 to 10 years, though some birds have been shown to live even longer than this.

How long this bird lives can be heavily influenced by the level of care you provide it with. This includes the type of diet you feed it, the condition of its living space, whether you take it for regular vet checkups, etc.

Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon Lifespan

You can help prolong your bird’s lifespan by providing it with a comfortable and clean living environment, a nutritious diet, regular vet checkups, and regular exercises to prevent obesity and other health issues related to lack of exercise.

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Final Verdict

The Lucerne gold collar pigeon from Switzerland has a magnificent gold collar sitting around its neck in addition to a crest sitting atop its head, dark eyes, and an overall compact medium-sized body. These features give the bird a truly beautiful and stylish appearance and make it a popular bird for shows and exhibitions.

This breed is also pretty docile and more laidback, making it a good choice for a pet. The bird is pretty friendly and gets along well with fellow pigeons and even forms strong bonds with its owners. It also breeds easily and takes care of its young ones. With proper care, this bird can last for around 7 to 10 years.

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