Why Do Pigeons Break Their Eggs

Why Do Pigeons Break Their Eggs? Some Shocking Reasons

While pigeons are known for their peaceful nature and graceful flight, there is one behavior that can be quite puzzling to observe. This is the breaking of eggs. 

But why do pigeons break their eggs? First, the eggs are infertile, lack nutrition, face threats, or are in danger. Or environmental factors such as temperature changes. Also, eggs are laid in areas with limited food resources and space.

In this article, we’ll show you reasons why pigeons exhibit this odd behavior and how best to handle it.

Why Do Pigeons Break Their Eggs? 

Why Do Pigeons Break Their Eggs

There are a few different reasons below that pigeons might break their eggs. 

Reasons for egg breakingSolution 
Improper Nesting material Provide suitable nesting material such as straw or hay.
Unstable incubation temperature Maintain optimal incubation temperature.
Lack of privacyProvide a secluded and private area for nesting.
Aggressive pigeonsSeparate aggressive pigeons from others or provide multiple nesting boxes.
Inadequate Nesting Box SizeProvide nesting boxes of appropriate size for the pigeons.
ParasitesRegularly clean and disinfect the nesting boxes and treat for parasites
IllnessProvide proper care and veterinary treatment for any ill birds. 

Some Other Reasons With Table Explained 

Apart from the reasons mentioned in the table, there are other reasons why pigeons break their eggs. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 

Some Other Reasons Pigeons Break Their Eggs

Infertile Eggs

One of the most common reasons for breaking eggs is that eggs are infertile. Pigeons, like many other birds, will often lay multiple eggs in a single nest. However, if one or more of those eggs are infertile, the parents may break them to make room for fertile eggs. 

This is a natural and efficient way for the birds to ensure that their limited resources are being used to raise the strongest, most viable chicks.

Pigeons Infertile Eggs

Environmental Factors

Another reason that pigeons might break their eggs is due to environmental factors. Pigeons, like all birds, are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. 

So if the eggs become too hot or too cold, the parents may break them to protect the remaining eggs. 


Pigeons will defend their nests and eggs from any perceived threats. If a pigeon feels its eggs are in danger, it may break them as a form of protection. This is known as “egg dumping” and is a natural behavior for pigeons.

As A Form Of Parental Care

Some scientists believe that pigeons may break their eggs as a form of parental care. However, they do this to ensure that their chicks hatch at the same time and have a better chance of survival.

Lack Of Nutrition 

Pigeons may break their eggs due to a lack of nutrition. For example, if she lacks calcium, the eggshells will be thin.

Pigeons need a specific balance of nutrients to maintain healthy eggs. Hence, if they aren’t getting the right nutrients, they may break the eggs as a way to start over and create new, healthier eggs.

Genetic Defects

Some genetic defects that affect the strength of the eggshell can cause them to break the eggs

Pigeons Break Their Eggs

Area With Limited Resources

If the eggs are laid in an area with limited resources, such as food or space. The parents may break the eggs to reduce competition among the chicks for resources.

Other Reasons

Accidental damage while nest-building, stress, or disturbance while sitting on the eggs can result in egg breaking by pigeons. 

How To Stop Pigeons From Breaking Their Eggs           

If you’re concerned about your pigeons breaking their eggs or those in your area. There are a few things you can do to try to prevent it from happening.

How To Stop Pigeons From Breaking Their Eggs

Provide Them With a Secure Nesting Site 

One of the most effective ways to prevent pigeons from breaking their eggs is to provide them with a safe and secure nesting site. 

This can be done by installing nesting boxes or platforms specifically designed for pigeons. 

These structures should be made of durable materials and be located in a protected area away from predators, human activity, and weather extremes.

Do Not Disturb Them

Another important step is to reduce the amount of disturbance to their nesting area. This means avoiding disturbing the nest or chasing the pigeons away, as this can cause them to abandon their eggs to break

Do Not Disturb Them

Provide Them With A Balanced Diet

Provide the pigeons with an adequate food source. You can place a pigeon feeder in your backyard and fill it with birdseed, cracked corn, and other types of grain. Remember to put out a small dish of water for them to drink.

Feeding pigeons high-nutrient food will help them to maintain their overall health. Which in turn enables them to have healthy eggs and nests and as well take better care of their eggs. 

In addition, incorporate calcium into their diets or in the water. Remember to grind to a powder. 

Do Pigeons Abandon Their Eggs, If Yes, Why?

Do Pigeons Abandon Their Eggs

Pigeons may abandon their eggs for various reasons. Some common reasons include-

Disturbance Of The Nest

If a pigeon’s nest is disturbed, the parents may abandon the eggs out of fear or stress.

Lack Of Food

Pigeons require a steady supply of food to care for their eggs and young. If food is scarce, the parents may abandon the eggs to search for food and ensure their survival.


Extreme temperatures or inclement weather can also cause pigeons to abandon their eggs.

Disease Or Injury

If a pigeon is sick or injured, it may not be able to care for its eggs properly and may abandon them.

Can I Change The Location Of A Pigeon’s Egg?

Moving a pigeon’s egg from its nest is not recommended as it can cause stress to the parents and potentially harm the egg or chick. 

Pigeons have a strong instinct to protect and care for their eggs and young, and removing or disturbing the egg can disrupt this process. 

Can I Change The Location Of A Pigeon's Egg

If you have concerns about a pigeon’s nest or eggs, it is best to contact a wildlife expert or animal control professional for guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people also ask about pigeons breaking their eggs. Let’s find answers.

1. How Long Does It Take For A Pigeon’s Egg To Hatch?

The hatching time for a pigeon’s egg can vary depending on the specific species and other factors such as temperature and humidity. In general, most pigeon species have an incubation period of 17 to 19 days. 

2. Can a broken egg hatch?

Once the membrane is not tampered with or damaged, a broken egg will likely hatch. 


In this article, we’ve discussed the shocking reasons why pigeons break their eggs and how to prevent it. Note that breaking eggs is not a common behavior. Usually, pigeons take good care of their eggs, and only in specific situations might they break them.

Overall, it is upsetting to see pigeons breaking their eggs. It is important to remember that this is a natural behavior that serves an important purpose in ensuring the species’ survival. 

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