Pigeon Yellow Poop

Pigeon Yellow Poop: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Options

Yellow poop is typically considered to be a symptom of several health issues in birds. This health concern occurs in both pet and racing pigeons. Determining the underlying cause is a must to ensure the best treatment. 

So, what are the pigeon yellow poop symptoms, causes, and treatment options? The reasons behind the problem include dietary issues, parasites, and so on. And usually, the symptoms are diarrhea, dehydration, etc. Proper treatment depending on the cause and symptom is a must for a healthy pigeon. 

In this guide, we will talk about these causes, and signs, along with their proper treatment. We will also share how you can prevent the problem and keep your pigeon healthy. Read the article till the end!

Symptoms Of Pigeon Yellow Poop

There are several signs that show the yellow pooping health problem in pigeons. These signs include weakness, abdominal pain, etc. See the top symptoms behind this health problem.

Symptoms Of Pigeon Yellow Poop
Reduced Desire For FoodReduced appetite and eating less than usual
DiarrheaFrequent and unformed stools of pigeons 
DehydrationDry beaks, sunken eyes, low energy levels, inactivity, etc.
InactivityInactive or sluggish
Abdominal PainSigns of distress and discomfort during this phase

Causes of Yellow Poop In Pigeons

Let us see some of the causes of why this problem occurs. 

Causes of Yellow Poop In Pigeons

1. Imbalanced Diet

Pigeons mostly feed on grains, seeds, and so on. Having food that is indigestible in their system or consumption of rotten food can result in yellow poop. Not only that, but excessive food or eating mice or other animals can also lead to this problem. 

2. Bacterial infections

There are several types of germs and bacteria that can go into the body of the bird through food and water. And these germs can cause several health problems in the pigeon. 

Bacterial infections can also cause yellow poop in pigeons. Typically, bacterias like salmonella and E.coli are responsible for the issue. 

3. Diseases

One of the most common reasons behind the problem regarding yellow poop in pigeons is diseases. The birds often suffer from several illnesses and health problems. For yellow poop, diseases such as fatty liver, pancreatitis, and many more are usually responsible. 

Causes of Yellow Poop In Pigeons

4. Viral infections

Similar to bacterial infections, viral infections also play a major role in this problem. Infections such as avian pox, pigeon paramyxovirus, and avian influenza can be the reason behind the yellow poop issue. 

5. Medications

Each and every medicine come with side effects. These side effects are either mild or severe. However, a few bird medications, including antibiotics, often affect the digestive system. And when this happens, the birds suffer from yellow poop. 

Treatment Options For Yellow Poop

After identifying the proper reason behind the problem, it is time to find the proper treatment option. Check out the treatment options for this health issue. 

Treatment Options For Yellow Poop

Supportive Care

One of the best options for treating the pigeon is to ensure proper care. In case the pigeon is dehydrated or suffering from diarrhea, supportive care is necessary. Feeding the pigeon at regular intervals and ensuring proper feeding will help the bird recover faster. 

Changes in Diet

As we discussed in the causes earlier, dietary imbalance or issue is a common reason behind yellow poop. Changing the diet and making sure that the pigeon eats proper food is the treatment. Make sure you feed the bird safe and healthy food at all times. 


Prescribing antibiotics or other medications are typically the most common treatment option. It is specifically helpful if the bird is suffering from yellow poop due to viral or bacterial infections. Ensuring proper medications will help to clear out the bacteria and ensure a speedy recovery. 

Pigeon Yellow Poop Prevention

For the betterment and good health of the pigeon, preventing the yellow poop problem is highly important. There are quite a few ways in which you can prevent this issue in the bird. Take a look at these methods and keep your pigeons healthy. 

Pigeon Yellow Poop Prevention

1. Regular Veterinary Visits

One of the best ways of preventing yellow poop and other health problems is to take your pigeon to the vet on a regular basis. 

The vet will conduct the necessary inspections and tests to make sure that the bird is in perfect condition. They will also provide medication and proper treatment in case there is any issue. 

2. Clean Environment

The growth of germs and bacteria is quite common in unclean and unhealthy places. Ensuring a safe and clean environment for the bird is essential to make sure that it is healthy and secure. 

3. Proper Diet

Ensuring a balanced and proper diet is not only a treatment option, but it is a prevention method as well. Keep track of what you feed to the pigeon, and do not overfeed it. Avoid feeding food that unsettles the digestive system of the bird. 

4. Quarantine New Pigeons

Viral infections in pigeons typically spread from other pigeons or animals. In case you want to add a new bird to the old one, make sure to keep the pigeon separate for a while. Get the new pigeon veterinary tested to ensure that it is safe and does not contain any harmful bacteria or germs. 

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Do you have any questions regarding the issue? Read the answers to these questions to dismiss your confusion!

Q: Is Yellow Poop In Pigeons Normal?

No, yellow poop in pigeons is not normal. Pigeon poop should usually be white-brown in color. Yellow feces in the bird is typically a health concern and must be treated as soon as possible. 

Q: Is Yellow Poop In Pigeons Contagious?

No. The yellow poop in pigeons is not a contagious disease. However, it poses a risk if the problem is caused due to a viral infection. The viral infection can cause other birds to encounter the same problem as well. 

Final Words

Pigeons are very active and friendly birds. However, health issues and problems in the birds are nothing new. Pigeon yellow poop is a common issue that owners and vets encounter on a regular basis. 

There are several signs that will indicate the problem, and there are quite a few reasons why this problem occurs. However, the treatment options for the issue are quite simple, and it is easy to prevent as well. Make sure that you take proper care of the pigeon and keep it in a safe and healthy environment. 

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