Pigeon Green Poop

Pigeon Green Poop: Symptoms, Causes, Home Treatment Options

Have you recently noticed pigeon green poop? It may seem like a strange phenomenon, but the answer is quite simple. 

So why do pigeons have green poop? The color of a pigeon’s droppings is largely determined by what they eat. Pigeons digest a lot of the pigments in their food rather poorly, which generally pass through the system unaltered. This can result in the green poop that you may have seen.

In this blog post, we will explore why pigeon poop is green. We will also discuss various symptoms, causes, and possible treatment options. 

What Is The Reason For Pigeon Green Poop?

The color of a pigeon’s droppings is primarily affected by what it has eaten. 

What Is The Reason For Pigeon Green Poop
  • If a pigeon consumes pink minerals, it will have brownish droppings. 
  • Conversely, if a pigeon eats greenish grain or has been supplemented with green vegetables, it will have more green droppings.
  • The liver produces the digestive enzyme bile, which travels through a duct and into the intestine. Bile elements are reabsorbed and reused through the gut wall. Pigeon droppings may take on a pale green hue as a result of this.
  • In some cases, green droppings can be a sign of bowel disease. This is because bile is fluorescent green and is reabsorbed through the bowel wall. When the bowel is diseased, more green bile accumulates there and is released in the excretion. 


When it comes to racing birds, the mucus is often light green and the urine is typically fairly white. The droppings may have a distinctive look as a result. 

As you can see, the inner ring is primarily made of white material, while the outside ring is mostly transparent.

They ought to have fully recovered by the next morning unless they had recently finished a tough race. Again, this can vary greatly depending on the bird’s diet. 

Keep in mind

Green excretions may be a sign of a health problem, although they are not necessarily connected to an illness. As a result, even if your pigeon’s droppings are green, it may not necessarily be sick.

Pigeon Green Poop: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Aside from having plenty of green minerals, there are other causes for green poop in pigeons. We have listed a few causes below. No matter what the cause is, you better act fast. 

Pigeon Green Poop

1. Colibacillosis

Infection with Escherichia coli causes colibacillosis. This may be the reason why pigeons have green poop. For young birds, this is a very dangerous condition since it can induce severe and fatal dehydration. 

Young birds’ immune systems are less developed than those of adult birds, making them more susceptible. Another indication of colibacillosis is damage to the bile bladder or liver. 


To preserve the bird’s life, urgent medical attention is required.

2. Paratyphoid

Salmonellosis is another name for typhoid. This bacterial infection has the potential to harm pigeon communities. It is spread by the ingestion of contaminated food and water. 

Also, birds can get this disease by coming into contact with a sick bird outside since asymptomatic carriers are frequently present.

Symptoms of paratyphoid include 

  • Green diarrhea
  • Ruffled feathers
  • Clinical respiratory signs

Pigeon green poop can also indicate typhoid infection. 

Pigeon Green Poop


Take your pigeons to a veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment if you see any of these symptoms.

The proper antibiotics must be used in the treatment of paratyphoid. A vet can identify paratyphoid using laboratory procedures, including ELISA testing and fecal cultures. 

Please Note

Proper diagnosis is essential for the successful treatment of paratyphoid. It is impossible to choose the best course of treatment without a precise diagnosis.

3. Chlamydiosis

Pigeons and other pet birds can get avian chlamydiosis, which is a frequent illness. Chlamydia psittaci is the bacteria that causes it. Although it is not dangerous to humans, it may spread quickly among birds. 

Green poop is a classic symptom of this condition. The bacterium affects the liver and bile bladder, which can influence the color of the droppings. 

Although avian chlamydiosis can cause a variety of symptoms. The ones that occur most frequently include 

Pigeon Green Poop
  • Decreased appetite
  • Depression
  • Weight loss 
  • Green feces 
  • Leakage from the eyes or nostrils


Take your pigeons to a veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment if you see any of these symptoms.

4. Coccidiosis

Pigeons commonly contract the disease coccidiosis. It is caused by a parasite, not a bacterium. The most common symptom of Coccidiosis is watery, green droppings. Additionally, birds may show symptoms, including 

  • Tremors
  • Sadness
  • Appetite loss
  • Skin discoloration
  • Lameness

In critical cases, a pigeon may show no signs of Coccidiosis at all. This makes it an asymptomatic condition. 


Treatment is generally done with medications such as amprolium or sulfadimethoxine. In some cases, the bird may recover on its own if the infection is mild. If not treated, Coccidiosis can be fatal.

5. Stress and poor nutrition

Poor nutrition and stress can be causes of green poop in pigeons. You should always provide your pet pigeon with the right type of food and nutrition, including a vitamin complex added to their drinking water. 

Your pigeon may have had watery, green droppings for a few days if it was recently relocated to a new location. 

Pigeon Green Poop


It is suggested that you properly clean the enclosure during this period to ensure your pet’s health. This will prevent them from suffering from a complicated condition.

6. Liver diseases

Without coming into contact with a pathogen, birds can get liver disease. Some foods can be contaminated with toxins, such as mycotoxins from moldy grains. This can lead to liver conditions. 

It is possible for the bird to get a liver failure, especially if its health is poor. Green excretions and hardened urate in the stools are two signs of liver damage. Other symptoms are ascites, anorexia, lethargy, jaundice, or weight loss.


To preserve the bird’s life, urgent medical attention is required.

How to Treat Pigeon Green Poop (+Option for Home Treatment)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single cure for pigeons with green poop. Either you are applying home treatment or getting a professional vet’s help in this case.

How to Treat Pigeon Green Poop

Actions for home treatment

  • Making the bird as comfortable as possible is the only thing that can be done to treat some viral illnesses, including adenovirus
  • You must not administer drugs to pigeons without a veterinarian’s advice. Unauthorized medications can have negative effects. This could harm the liver when used in high dosages

Action to get from a veterinarian service

  • Medications like amprolium and folic acid antagonists are available to treat coccidiosis
  • According to the pathogen involved, bacterial illnesses need to be treated specifically. Amoxicillin is an example of a broad-spectrum antibiotic that may treat both digestive and respiratory issues
  • Additionally, probiotics are a good option to help the bird’s digestive system and stimulate good gut bacteria. This may be all the bird needs to get its poop solid again. Especially young birds can have little good gut bacteria and deplete it quickly when they are stressed or medicated. 

If the bird still has symptoms, it is best to seek an accurate diagnosis from an avian vet rather than simply medicating or curing the symptoms. In any case, make sure the bird always has access to clean, fresh water and a healthy, balanced diet.

Pigeon poop is a valuable fertilizer that can boost the growth and health of your plants. However, green pigeon poop can also be a sign of an underlying health issue in your bird. If you want to learn more about pigeon health, visit our website to explore our informative articles. Additionally, if you’re wondering why pigeons keep coming to your balcony and nesting, our article on why pigeons keep coming to my balcony and nesting can help you understand their behavior and ways to deter them. Moreover, if you’re facing the issue of pigeons abandoning their eggs, we have an article on why pigeons abandon their eggs that provides valuable insights into this problem. At Aviculture Blog, we are dedicated to providing accurate and detailed information on all aspects of pigeon keeping. Explore our website to discover more articles on pigeon breeds, health, nutrition, and care.


People have so many questions regarding pigeon green poop and its reasons. We have identified a few and tried to answer them.

Q: What do normal pigeon droppings look like?

Normal pigeon droppings are firm and white-brown. They seem chalky, usually having a white, cream-colored, or slightly yellow color. 

Q: Are there any diseases associated with pigeon droppings for humans?

Yes, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis are all diseases associated with the matter. Furthermore, people might get these illnesses by inhaling dust when cleaning up pigeon droppings.

Q: How do sick bird droppings appear?

Bright green or yellow feces can signify a sick bird or pigeon. In some cases, birds may also pass undigested food, which can appear bright yellow or green. However, the bid is likely sick if the droppings are unusually green or yellow.


We guess you know the reasons for pigeon green poop now. Don’t feed your pigeons food with plenty of green pigments since they will digest them poorly. This will cause your pigeon to produce green poop. Aside from that, there are many possible causes of green poops in pigeons.

If you notice that your pigeon has been having green droppings for a long time, it is wise to consult a vet for a proper diagnosis or treatment. At the same time, provide your pet with a balanced diet and minimize its stress to prevent the occurrence of green poop.

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