Why Do Pigeons Kiss

Why Do Pigeons Kiss? Do They Actually Kiss To Show Affection?

Pigeons are delightful birds that are known for their unique behaviors. One of these behaviors is known as “kissing.” This happens between male and female adult pigeons attracted to one another. 

But, why do pigeons kiss? Pigeon kissing is actually a courtship behavior.  This is when two pigeons touch their beaks together in a gentle manner. And it is often thought that this behavior is a sign of affection between the birds. 

In this piece, we’ll dive more into why pigeons kiss, how they show affection and other relevant information. Let’s dive in.

Why Do Pigeons Kiss?

Pigeons are emotional birds and will kiss one another to express love and affection. There are several reasons why pigeons kiss below. 

Why Do Pigeons Kiss

A Courtship behavior

Well, it turns out that pigeon kissing is actually a courtship behavior. When a male pigeon is trying to attract a female, he will often engage in kissing to show her that he is interested in her. 

This behavior can also be used as a way for the male pigeon to establish dominance over other males in the area.

A Bonding behavior

Pigeon kissing is also seen as a bonding behavior between pairs of pigeons. Oftentimes it’s a way to strengthen their bond and ensure the success of their relationship.

Pigeons Kiss A Bonding behavior

To Exchange Food

It is also observed that Pigeons also kiss to exchange food, where one pigeon regurgitates food for the other.

It’s interesting to note that pigeon kissing behavior is not limited to just pigeons. Many other bird species also engage in similar behaviors during courtship and bonding.

Do Pigeons Actually Kiss To Show Affection?

Yes. Pigeons exhibit a high level of affection toward each other through kissing. They also enjoy cuddling each other, giving themselves pecks on the neck and head. Oftentimes at the return of one to the nest, it greets the other with pleasurable sounds. 

Pigeons do affectionate things like touching each other, bobbing their heads, and stroking. This is one of the several ways they strengthen their relationship. The link below shows pigeons kissing and mating. 

The Kissing Periods Of Pigeons

Pigeons, like many birds, engage in a behavior known as “billing,” which is when they touch beaks as a way of bonding. They do this throughout the year as part of their courtship and bonding behavior. However, it happens more during mating periods. And this can be mistaken for kissing. 

The Kissing Periods Of Pigeons

Accordingly, pigeons also engage in preening, in which they use their beaks to groom each other’s feathers. This can also be misunderstood as kissing.

How Many Times Do Pigeons Mate Daily?

Pigeons are known to mate multiple times a day, but the exact number of times can vary depending on the individual birds and their environment. Captive pigeons may mate as many as 10-15 times per day or as few as 2-3 times per day. 

How Many Times Do Pigeons Mate Daily

In wild pigeons, the frequency of mating may be less due to the availability of mates and other environmental factors. They are socially monogamous and they will mate with the same partner over a period of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions and provide basic answers to them.

1. Can pigeons understand human affection?

Pigeons are capable of forming bonds with humans.  But their understanding of human affection may be limited compared to that of other domesticated animals such as dogs or cats. Pigeons can learn to associate certain actions or cues with positive support, such as being fed or petted.

2. Do pigeons have soulmates?                       

Yes. Pigeons are monogamous naturally and will often mate for life. They often stick to one partner and form strong pair bonds with their mate. These bonds can last for several years, 

3. Are pigeons capable of love?

Pigeons show affection and are lovely companions. They are capable of bonding strongly with their mates. However pigeons may not experience love in the same way that humans do. But they are certainly capable of forming strong attachments and bonds with their partners. 


Pigeon kissing is an interesting behavior that serves a variety of purposes, from courtship to bonding to even food exchange. Next time you see a pair of pigeons engaging in this behavior, you’ll know that they are expressing their affection for one another. 

Consequently, it’s important to note that pigeon kissing behavior is not limited to just pigeons. Many other bird species also engage in similar behaviors during courtship and bonding.

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