Pigeon Vs Parrot

Pigeon Vs Parrot: Which One Is An Ideal Avian Companion?

We always prefer parrots as the best avian companions over pigeons and call pigeons annoying and dirty. Is that really the case, or are there other factors of which we are not properly aware?

When it’s pigeon vs parrot: which one is an ideal avian companion? Most people will say parrot, but pigeons are good companions. Although pigeons cannot speak like parrots and are not as social, pigeons are strictly domesticated birds. The ability of pigeons to live independently is their most valuable quality. They can do nearly everything without much help from the owner.

Here, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of owning both pigeons and parrots. These will help to make the decision owning between these two. 

Comparison Table Between Pigeon and Parrot

Here is a brief comparison between the two common pet birds, parrots and pigeons. The differences are visible from various perspectives.

Pigeon and Parrot
FoodPellet, seeds, herbs grains etcFresh fruit, vegetable, leafy greens, nuts etc
Living placeCageloft
Type Domestic Captive
Lay eggs2/4 times per year1/2 times per year
LifespanWild 2-3 years; Domestic 10-15 yearsBudgies 5-10 years; Cocktails 10-25 years

Pigeon Vs Parrot: Which One Is An Ideal Avian Companion?

Many people wonder whether pigeons or parrots would make the best avian companions. That’s certainly a debatable question. To be honest, the answer to this question depends on a lot of different factors. 

Although pigeons theoretically make better human companions, let’s hold off on making a judgment until we have all the facts.

We all know that pigeons have a terrible reputation in our society. They are typically thought of as nasty, frightful, or mean birds because they are street dwellers. 

Pigeon Vs Parrot

They are sometimes referred to as “birds with diseases.” On the other hand, parrots have developed into the most devoted birds in homes. It responds quickly to its owner in an emotional, playful way. 

This is only one way to consider these birds as the ideal avian companion. There are also some other ways to evaluate oneself.

Pigeons Are Domestic Birds, Whereas Parrots Are Captive

There is a difference between captive and domestic animals. Domestic animals are captured to provide economic benefits. They naturally prefer to live in a human community and can quickly acclimate to the situation.

Parrots Are Captive

On the other hand, captive animals are taken from the wild and kept as pets for essentially no financial gain. The management and training of these animals are pretty challenging

Therefore, with little training, pigeons can naturally become your companion.

Pigeons Are Self-Sufficient, Whereas Parrots Require Care

Pigeons can care for themselves. They will return if you release them after keeping them in a cage for a few days. They also return home if they have escaped somehow. 

If you forget to feed pigeons, they will manage their own food; they groom each other, and when necessary, they can take a bath. However, they can live without the owner’s constant supervision.

Pigeons Are Self-Sufficient

Parrots, on the other hand, exhibit the opposite characteristics of pigeons. They need the constant attention of the owner. Otherwise, they feel lonely. You need to manage food for them. Additionally, better living conditions.

Pigeons Eat Less Expensive Food Than Parrots

When you have a pet parrot, you must always serve fresh food, vegetables, and nuts. You also need to serve bird feed/high-quality pellet food routinely. 

On the other hand, pigeons don’t need fresh fruits and vegetables because they mostly eat seeds and grains, which are not too costly. They also eat grassy plants with leaves you might find in your backyard. 

They occasionally consume worms and insects. They maintain a generally modest lifestyle.

Pigeons Eat Less Expensive Food Than Parrots

Pigeons Are Solitary, Whereas Parrots Require Social Interaction To Remain Active

When you have pigeons in your house, you don’t have to worry about their mental health. The reason is that they live alone with their families and are very busy with their work.

Pigeons Vs Parrots

On the other hand, parrots can’t live by themselves. They are very expressive and enjoy interacting with their owners and other indoor pets. When no one is around, they are prone to feeling lonely and bored. They require partners and toys to remain active.

Why Are Petting Pigeons Such A Great Idea?

People tend to think of pigeons in a different way than they do. Like other birds, they are clean. They take care of each other, groom each other, and bathe when necessary.

When they are free, they manage their diet; they do not require human attention to remain active. Furthermore, they don’t require a playful environment to avoid loneliness.

Why Are Petting Pigeons Such A Great Idea

While it is true that pigeons frequently spread different types of disease, this does not occur when they are living in a healthy environment. However, zoonotic diseases that typically spread from animal to human are not carried by pigeons. So as a companion, they are pretty safe and conservative.

Despite not being the most sociable bird and having difficulties interacting with people, they also express their emotions as other birds do.

However, having pigeons has some drawbacks. For instance, since they poop frequently, a mess is often created. They don’t have very long lives, and occasionally they can infect other animals with diseases.

When Does a Parrot Be The Perfect Avian Companion?

Honestly, parrots can be good companions, but they are not the best. Generally, having a parrot is too expensive. They require more expensive food than pigeons do, as well as a better environment.

To make their environment joyful, you have to put several fun staff in their cage. Besides, they need more attention. Additionally, they demand playing partners. When something goes wrong, or the owner is unable to meet their demands, parrots can go insane. They are also occasionally noisy, which causes issues for other family members and pets.

When Does a Parrot Be The Perfect Avian Companion

However, parrots have some advantages that you can consider when deciding which bird is a better companion between pigeons and parrots.

The parrot is the most sociable bird that is good at interacting with people. They can talk like humans and do fun stuff. They are pretty intelligent and live longer than other birds.

If you are enthusiastic about luxury and the characteristics of parrots, you can go for them as a pet.

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Here are a few questions and answers about the fact that between pigeons and parrots, which bird makes the best companion? This may help you to remove any confusion that remains. 

1. How long does it take to train a parrot to speak?

There is no set duration, ranging from several weeks to several months. Additionally, it depends on the trainer and the method of instruction. Parrots take the longest to learn their first few words; however, they pick up language more quickly once they begin speaking.

Remember that not all parrots can speak. Slaty-headed parakeets cannot speak, so training them to speak is a bad idea.

2. Between pigeons and parrots, which bird is easier to care for at home?

It is always pigeons. Pigeons can live their domestic lives independently, which is one of the reasons. All you need to do is regularly feed them and give them medicine if they fall ill.

Parrots need more attention. They have preferences for certain foods, and they need food promptly. They require interaction to stay engaged because they get bored very quickly.

3. Why are parrots regarded as the ideal Avian Companion by most people?

This is because most people are only concerned with one factor: social interaction. However, that does not necessarily make parrots the best companion. Parrots are probably best at interacting, but they fall short in other areas of expertise.

Keeping a parrot is really expensive. Additionally, parrots can’t help themselves; they always need assistance. Furthermore, not all parrot species have speakers.

Final Words

We believe now you know which is an ideal avian companion between pigeons and parrots. We know it’s difficult to say which one is better, but technically, it’s the pigeon, not the parrot, which is the ideal avian companion.

Pigeons are domesticated birds that don’t need much care to survive. They can interact with like other birds and even care for themselves when no one is around. For parrots, things are a little different; they excel at interaction but fall short in other areas. 

Choosing a companion is up to you, but pigeons are obviously the best option in a general situation.

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