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Archangel Pigeon 101 – Everything You Need To Know About 

Today, Archangel pigeons are highly sought after in the fancy pigeon show community. They continue to capture people’s hearts with their majestic beauty. 

But before we dive deeper, what is an Archangel pigeon? The Archangel pigeon, also known as Copper Blackwing Gimpel, is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon recognized for its distinct, metallic sheen. The aesthetic quality makes it desirable for show purposes, while its friendly nature renders it simple to train.

We’ll discuss their appearance, origins, temperament, diet, and more. Whether you’re just starting out with Archangel pigeons or have been keeping them for years, this post is sure to provide useful information. 

Explained – What Is An Archangel Pigeon

The Archangel pigeon is a prized, ornamental breed of domesticated pigeon known for its beauty and distinct physical characteristics. It is a small bird weighing only 12 ounces, but its striking appearance makes it highly sought-after.

What Is An Archangel Pigeon

Archangel pigeons boast unfeathered legs and intense orange-hued eyes. They may sport a crest, though this is only sometimes the case. Archangel pigeon body color pattern  features bronze or gold tones, while the wings come in various shades, from black to white and blue.

Here is a complete profile of archangel pigeons:

Breed purpose/usesExhibition or ornamental
Appearance & colorDistinct dark orange eyes
Unfeathered legs
Either a crested or non-crested head. 
The body is typically a shimmering bronze or golden. 
Wings come in three colorings: black, white, or blue.
Size & weightOn average, these birds are approximately 13 to 13.4 inches
Their full-grown weight can range between 280 and 450 grams.
Good as pets?Yes. Although primarily a show bird, archangel pigeons make a great pet and are easy to train.
Lifespan7-10 years
Climate toleranceAll climates

Archangel pigeons are part of a larger family of domesticated breeds, which all trace back to the rock pigeon. It is believed that the Archangel breed originated in the Balkan area, most likely Dalmatia (present-day Croatia) or Illyria (comprising Montenegro and Albania). 

However, there is no official evidence to back up this claim. Archangel pigeons are not solely for exhibition purposes. These beautiful birds make excellent pets too. 

These birds are known for their peaceful nature and make wonderful companion birds. They enjoy socializing with their owners, playing with toys, and exploring the world around them. These birds are active, intelligent, and can learn tricks and respond to commands. 

In fact, many Archangel Pigeon fanciers compete in shows and exhibitions to demonstrate their bird skills. 

Physical Appearance: How to Spot an Archangel Pigeon

The Archangel pigeon is of medium size, but males are more sizeable and appear bolder than hens. A gentle taper from the back to the tail gives it a perceptibly lengthy and slim form.

How to Spot an Archangel Pigeon


The head is gently curved, elongated, and narrow, with a flat frontal. From the back of its shoulders rises a well-defined crest that culminates into a pointed tip at the top of its head. However, not all Archangel pigeons have crested heads. 


The eyes are big, widely spaced, and feature a dark-orange iris encircled by a lighter-colored eye-ring. 

Archangel Pigeon Eyes


Its beak is long and slim, tapering off to a slightly hooked point.


An Archangel pigeon has a fairly long, comparatively thin neck with a well-rounded throat area and can be seen to have slight ridges along its length. The neck feathers are thick and lush and may give the pigeon a slightly scruffy appearance in this area. 


The Archangel pigeon has a moderately broad chest which is carried slightly forward. 

Wings and Tail

Its wings are long, kept tightly against its body and hovering just above its narrow tail. This particular breed has a relatively thin tail, roughly one and a half feathers wide, held about half an inch above the ground.

Archangel Pigeon Wings and Tail


Legs and feet remain well groomed, without any feathering beyond the hocks. Usually, the legs remain robust and not too tall, ranging in color from coral red to brown, depending on the bird’s age and base hue. 


Meanwhile, the claws appear in dark horn color on black-wing and blue-wing pigeons or a flesh tone on white-wing birds.

Personality Traits: What is an Archangel Pigeon like?

Archangel pigeons are known for being friendly, loving, and loyal companions. They are gentle birds with a mellow, easy-going temperament. They can be shy at first but will warm up to their owners over time. 

As far as behaviors go, Archangel pigeons tend to be quite peaceful, often perching on the backs of chairs or shoulders of their owners. 

These birds are very curious and like to explore. They are intelligent and can be taught a few simple tricks. However, they aren’t overly vocal, preferring to keep their conversations to soft coos and whistles. 

What is an Archangel Pigeon like

Archangel pigeons make great pets for novice bird owners. They don’t require a lot of care and are relatively easy to keep in an aviary or cage. These birds love attention and thrive when provided with daily interaction. 

Overall, Archangel pigeons make wonderful pets due to their gentle nature, intelligence, and loyalty. They require minimal care and make great companions for those looking for a loyal feathered friend.

Keeping The Archangel Pigeon As a Pet

An Archangel pigeon is not just a beautiful bird for a show but also makes for an excellent pet when properly cared for. What makes them ideal is their comparatively lower cost for food and space requirements. 

Socialized from an early age, they become incredibly friendly and will readily accept food from their owner’s hand. It is possible to gain trust from adult birds too. However, it might take some extra time for them to become familiar.

Keeping The Archangel Pigeon As a Pet

Possessing low-odor droppings and easy-going nature, archangel pigeons are well-suited to keep indoors and in smaller, enclosed areas. In addition, they thrive in varying climates, both hot and cold. Furthermore, they have few health problems and possess a satisfactory fertility rate.

Housing And Diet Requirements

A suitable cage for these pigeons must have a minimum length of 21 inches (54 cm). It should also be tall enough to provide at least 3-4 feet of vertical space for them to flap their wings, groom themselves, and move around.

Archangel Pigeon Housing And Diet Requirements

Archangel pigeons are a type of bird with an omnivorous diet. A combination of commercial pigeon mix, grit, and fresh water should be offered, in addition to optional live food like mealworms and crickets. Grapes, apples, and other soft fruits may also be offered as occasional treats. 

Common Diseases

Archangel pigeons rarely suffer from any illness, with ‘angel wing syndrome‘ being a noteworthy exception. This condition leads to the drooping of the wings’ feathers and an abnormal curve in the tail. 

Archangel Pigeon Common Diseases

Its onset is typically attributed to the sole consumption of soft food by the bird’s early diet, which fails to facilitate adequate bone hardening. Nonetheless, this disorder can be managed by supplying a healthy, varied diet that incorporates hard food components.

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This section will answer some frequently asked questions about this unique breed of pigeons. 

Q: What is the temperament of Archangel pigeons?

Archangel pigeons are known for their gentle and friendly temperament. They are generally peaceful birds that are easy to handle and can make good pets for those who enjoy avian companions. 

Q: Do Archangel pigeons make good pets?

Archangel pigeons can make good pets if properly cared for. They are social birds and are known for their affectionate nature towards their owners. 

Q: How do I care for an Archangel pigeon?

They need a spacious cage, proper nutrition, and regular exercise to thrive. Additionally, it’s important to provide them with adequate mental stimulation, such as toys and interaction with their owner, to prevent boredom and feather plucking. 


Archangel pigeons are a beautiful and unique breed of domestic pigeon. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique appearance and gentle personality. These birds are low-maintenance, easy to care for, and make great pets. 

Whether you are an experienced pigeon breeder or just starting out, Archangel pigeons are a great choice for those looking for a beautiful and affectionate pet bird.

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