Scandaroon Pigeon

Scandaroon Pigeon: Origin, Appearance, Behavior, Care, And More

Scandroon is an ancient pigeon breed categorized under fancy pigeons due to its gorgeous looks. It has a long and slender neck and a distinctive long and downward curved beak that makes it suitable for presentation in exhibitions and shows. What’s more, the bird is a great flyer and can even perform aerial tricks.

Whether you want to keep this pigeon breed as a pet or want to know more about it, you’ll find this guide resourceful. Below, we have discussed everything you need to know about this bird including its history, appearance, behavior, temperament, suitability as a pet, special care requirements, and more.

Scandaroon Pigeon Quick Facts:

Scientific nameColumba livia domestica
Other namesNuremberg Bagdad
Breed nameScandaroon
Breed purposeExhibition, pets
Weight700 to 900 grams
Flying abilityAverage
CostAround $200
Lifespan7 to 10 years

Origin and history

The Scandroon pigeon’s origin is unclear but it’s believed to have come from ancient Persia.

It is believed that the bird was then introduced to the Western Europe regions through the Middle east parts.

One theory states that the bird got its name from Scandaroon Port in Levant in Turkey, the area where it was supposedly bred. (This Asian region has a long history of early pigeon breeding).

Another theory suggests that Scandroon is a Turkish name that means Alexander. And this falls in line with the belief that this pigeon was used by Alexandria The Great for carrying messages during his conquests around 17th century.

Scandaroon Pigeon Origin and history

Yet, another theory goes that the first breeding pair was purchased at Iskenderun, a Turkish port town sitting on the Syrian/Turkish border. The Turks would call this bird Bagatin.

It is believed that Scandroon is probably a Western corruption of the name Iskenderun or Scandaroon. This name may have been developed when merchants introduced the breed to Europe.

In Europe, the pigeon’s destination seems to have been Nuremberg city in Germany. From here, the bird spread to other regions of Europe.

In Germany, the bird goes by the name Nuremberg Bagdette. It’s called Bagadais de Nuremberg in France. And Neurenberger Badadet in Netherlands.

Despite the unclear history, it’s easy to see that this pigeon is one of the oldest breeds of pigeons.

Like other domesticated pigeons, this fancy breed is also a descendant of rock pigeons crossed with black pigeon varieties.

It’s also interesting to note that Scandroon pigeons were also among the list of breeds that Charles Darwin kept. Though his variety was slightly off compared to the original bird. (Source).

The birds were initially kept for meat production due to their large sizes. However, today’s Scandroon is usually kept as a show bird or as a pet.


Scandroon pigeons are one of the most beautiful domesticated pigeon breeds around the world today.

This large-sized bird is characterized by a long, slender neck, long legs, large feet, and a long beak that slightly curves downward.

The bird is typically larger than the average domestic or feral pigeon and has an erect (and proud) posture!

Its head appears elongated. And its beak deviates from a typical pigeon beak by being quite stronger and downward curved.

Scandaroon Pigeon Appearance

Its eyes are usually large and bright-colored. This is another striking feature that gives the bird an edge in shows/exhibitions. The unique feather structure surrounding its eyes also adds to its elegance.

The bird typically has white feathers, though it can also appear in shades of black or brown. The bird’s tail is usually long, flowing, and carried upright—especially when the bird is flying.

Note that there are currently 3 types of Scandroon pigeons namely the English, German, and French varieties. There exist slight differences in these birds’ physical characteristics.

The English version is smaller than the others, has smaller feet, and its beak is more curved.

The German variety is larger, heavier, and features bigger feet and stronger and longer beak.

And the French variety is taller, with a more upright and slimmer body shape (it’s also known as French Baghdad).

The Scandroon pigeon occurs in a variety of colors including black, white, blue, yellow, and red.

The UK varieties are usually pied and feature white heads, colored patches sitting under the beak, typically white wings, and colored tails.

Here’s a video showing the Scandaroon’s color variations



The Scandroon pigeon is calm and quiet and its good temperament makes it suitable for raising as a pet. It’s also an affectionate bird and enjoys socializing with humans.

As an intelligent bird, it’s also relatively easy to handle and train.

However, note that this bird isn’t always tolerant of fellow pigeons. So, you should expect to see conflicts from time to time. Nonetheless, the birds still do well when kept in pairs or in small groups.

Scandaroon pigeons have an average flying ability. Long before, they were decent flyers but are now more of show birds.

Scandaroon Pigeon Behavior


A good die for Scandaroon should be made up of a mix of seeds and grains such as wheat, millet, corn, barley, etc.

If you don’t wish to mix these seeds on your own, you can get quality pigeon pellets from your local pet store.

This type is formulated to provide the pigeon with all the nutrients the bird requires to stay healthy.

We also advise you to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your bird’s diet to help supplement its diet.

The pigeons also require clean and fresh water every day.

Providing your birds with quality grit is also recommended as it aids in food digestion.

Scandaroon pigeons as pets

The Scandaroon’s docile and gentle temperament and friendly nature make it a great bird for keeping as a pet.

Taking care of this bird is also less demanding, further making it a good pet.

To take good care of your Scandaroon pigeon, you’ll need to provide it with suitable housing. This bird will be best kept in a loft due to its good flying ability.

The loft should then be well-ventilated, spacious, and kept safe from harsh elements and predators.

Besides, you should clean the housing regularly to keep away disease-causing microorganisms.

Scandaroon pigeons as pets

Another thing you’ll need to consider is proved the bird with a healthy and balanced diet. The bird should be left with a mix of grain and seeds.

Supplementing the diet with fresh fruits and vegetables is also recommended.

Provide your pigeon with clean and fresh water every day.

We also recommend regularly inviting an avian vet to check your birds. This will help keep your birds healthy and keep them safe from various pigeon health issues.


Scandaroons are excellent breeders and attentive parents when provided with the ideal nesting environment.

Since they’re fancy breeds, professional breeders often take their time to choose the most desirable features in the mating pair to ensure they get the desired offspring.

Scandaroon Pigeon Breeding

The breeding process is typical of a pigeon that’s a descendant of the rock pigeon. The female lays around 2 eggs per clutch which then go through an incubation period of around 17-19 days.

Both parents then take part in not only incubating the eggs but also taking care of the hatchlings until they become independent.

Scandaroon Pigeon price

These pigeons usually cost higher compared to the average pigeon, probably due to their large size.

On average, a single bird can cost you anything from $200 to several hundred dollars.

The cost variation occurs due to factors such as age, health, gender, bird quality, and even your location.

High-quality (show-quality) birds usually fetch higher prices compared to pet-standard birds. Birds from proven bloodlines or pedigree will also cost you more.

If you’re located in an area with a limited number of breeders, then you may have to pay more.

Overall, you should focus on finding a good breeder who will sell you a high-quality and healthy pigeon for raising as a pet.

Scandaroon Pigeon Lifespan

The pigeon can live for around 7 to 10 years with proper care and attention. Some factors can greatly affect the bird’s longevity and they include genetic defects and overall poor husbandry.

Scandaroon Pigeon Lifespan

You can help prolong your pigeon’s lifespan by providing it with comfortable and hygienic housing, a healthy diet, and inviting an experienced vet to examine the bird regularly.

You should provide opportunities for your bird to exercise and socialize to help promote its physical and mental health.

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Final Verdict

Scandaroon pigeons are not your typical breed. Despite having evolved from rock pigeons, these pigeons have unique features like large, curved beaks and large bodies that set them from typical pigeons. They were initially kept for meat due to their large bodies but are now mainly kept for beauty and exhibitions.

Bird enthusiasts also love raising these birds as they’re generally calm, and gentle and temperament. They’re also sociable and intelligent, and taking care of them isn’t as demanding. Scandroon as a pet just requires a nutritious diet, comfortable living space, and regular vet checkups, and it’ll stay happy and healthy for up to 10 years or more!

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