Do Pigeons Eat from Bird Feeders

Do Pigeons Eat from Bird Feeders? – Understanding the Diet

A pigeon’s diet can consist of a variety of foods, including seeds, fruits, vegetables, and human food leftovers. Because of their propensity to eat a variety of food, pigeons are sometimes known as rock doves.

So, do pigeons eat from bird feeders? It is commonly stated that they are not attracted to bird feeders. However, pigeons are opportunistic birds, which means they will utilize any accessible food sources. If birdseed is readily accessible, they may consume it from feeders.

We will go through an in-depth discussion where we will discuss when a pigeon eats from a birdfeeder, or why they may eat. This article will feature all other necessary information associated with this question.

Can you Feed a Pigeon from Bird Feeder?

It is possible to feed pigeons from bird feeders, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. If you keep all that things in mind, it may be helpful for you to take necessary precautions if your pigeon eats from a bird seeder.

Can you Feed a Pigeon from Bird Feeder

Bird feeder Location

Firstly, Pigeons may eat birdseed from feeders if it is readily available. But they are not typically attracted to them in the same way that other wild bird species are. 

Pigeons are more likely to eat the birdseed that has fallen on the ground or has been scattered than to seek it out from a feeder actively. This is why the position of the feeder is so important in attracting or discouraging pigeons.

Ensure Specific Dietary Needs

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that while pigeons may consume birdseed from feeders, it may not offer them all of the nutrients they require. Pigeons have special nutritional requirements, and it is essential to provide them with a diverse diet.

Pigeons Eat from Bird Feeders

That includes fruits, vegetables, and other food sources in addition to bird seed. Feeding them only birdseed might result in deficits in key minerals such as calcium and vitamins A and D.

Wild Creature Attraction

The fact that feeding pigeons from bird feeders may draw in other wild creatures such as rats and squirrels. They can represent a health danger to pigeons since they may carry illnesses and it is another crucial factor to take into account. 

So, to avoid luring pests, it is imperative to pick up any spilled seed and to maintain the feeder area’s cleanliness.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that feeding pigeons, especially in urban areas, can also lead to overpopulation and create sanitation issues. It can create a negative effect on other bird species as pigeons can drive them away from the feeder.

Can you feed baby Pigeons from birdsfeed?

No. Usually, around 2-4 weeks, feeding birdseed to baby pigeons is not recommended. Pigeons are altricial, which means they hatch as naked, helpless chicks and require constant care from their parents until they fledge. 

Besides, baby pigeons have different nutritional needs than adult pigeons. Understandably, it may not provide them with the necessary nutrition to grow and develop properly.

Instead, baby pigeons should be fed a diet of high-protein food such as soft fruits, vegetables, and specially formulated pigeon feed.

You may watch this video to get more information about baby pigeon feeding:

Do Pigeons Like To Eat From Bird Feeders?

Yes. They may consume foods from bird feeders if it is accessible to them. However, they might not actively choose bird feeders as their preferred food source. Moreover, it’s also difficult to determine whether or not pigeons prefer to eat from these bird feeders due to their opportunistic nature. 

Do Pigeons Like To Eat From Bird Feeders

They are more likely to consume birdseed that has fallen on the ground or been scattered rather than actively seeking it out from a feeder. 

Likewise, they have a preference for food that is high in energy and protein, such as wheat, barley, and oats. These are typically not included in wild bird seed mixes. However, these seeds are the ones you find mostly in the feeders that are specifically made for pigeons.

Health Benefits and Risks for Pigeons Eating from Bird Feeders

Feeding pigeons from bird feeders can have both health benefits and risks for the birds. As mentioned before, eating from birdfeeders is not a pigeon’s instinct. They eat from bird seeders just because it is available for them.

Health Benefits and Risks for Pigeons Eating from Bird Feeders

Let’s jump into the benefits and Risks of pigeons eating from bird feeders in detail. As a result, you may determine whether it is beneficial or risky.

Health Benefits

Pigeons’ general health and well-being may benefit from having a continuous and stable food source. This may be achieved by feeding them food from bird feeders. When natural food sources are sparse, such as during the winter, this can be immensely beneficial.

Health Risks

Conversely, if the birdseed offered in the feeder is not an appropriate diet for pigeons, it might result in shortages of certain crucial nutrients. Pigeons have certain food requirements, which must be properly met.

Furthermore, feeding wild animals like rats and squirrels to pigeons may lure them to bird feeders. This might put pigeons in danger of disease transmission. 

Therefore, to avoid luring pests, picking up any spilled seed and maintaining the feeder area’s cleanliness are imperative.

All in all, the risks seem to have a lead compared to the benefits. That is why you shouldn’t feed pigeons from the bird feeder.

Pigeons are fascinating birds that have unique feeding habits. If you’re curious about their eating habits, you might find our articles on whether pigeons eat other birds’ eggs and if pigeons eat oats interesting. Our article on whether pigeons eat other birds’ eggs provides an insight into this behavior and the reasons behind it. On the other hand, our article on if pigeons eat oats explores the nutritional benefits of oats for pigeons and whether they are a suitable food option for them. Understanding what pigeons eat can help you create a suitable feeding program for them.


Do you have any other questions about pigeons, their food, or pigeons eating from bird seeders? Here, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Can a pigeon survive only by eating from bird feeders?

No, a pigeon cannot survive on a diet of only birdseed from feeders alone. It will create a serious lack of nutrition and the pigeon may suffer health complexity.

Q: Can wild animals do harm when they come to eat from bird feeders?

Yes, wild animals can harm when they come to eat from bird feeders. Feeding wild animals can cause several problems, including attracting animals that can be dangerous or destructive.


So, do pigeons eat from birdfeeders? The answer is yes, but with there are some other things associated. It only eats when they find it available. otherwise, pigeons are not attracted to birdfeeders at all.

In conclusion, it is vital to think about the potential drawbacks. And avoid feeding wild animals to prevent them from getting dependent on human-provided food, overpopulating, and becoming a nuisance. This is true even if feeding wild animals from bird feeders may be tempting.

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