What Is the Highest Price Paid for a Racing Pigeon

What Is the Highest Price Paid for a Racing Pigeon?

Racing pigeons have been valued and trained for ages. Owning a champion that can win important events and make big money has drawn fans from across the globe. 

New Kim sold for $1.9 million at auction in 2020, setting a record for the bird’s worth. New Kim’s sale has shocked the racing pigeon fraternity with its high price. Racers valued the Belgian-bred racing pigeon’s tiny size, suppleness, and strength. 

As the sport grows, more racing pigeons will be sold for exorbitant prices, but how much is too much?

Top-Performing Pigeons and Their Impact on the Racing Pigeon Market

Here are the top-performing racing pigeons with their price. 

Pigeon NamePriceSexAgeTrainerCountry
New Kim$1.9 millionFemaletwo-year-oldGaston Van De Wouwer Belgium
Armando$1.4 millionMalefour-year-oldJoël VerschootBelgium
Golden Prince$400,000Maletwo-year-oldMike GanusUnited States
Nadine$398,000Femaleone-year-oldGünter PrangeGermany
Bolt$410,000Maletwo-year-oldLeo HeremansBelgium

New Kim

With a price tag of $1.9 million in 2021, New Kim is the most expensive racing pigeon ever sold. This bird was very popular on the racing pigeon market because of how well she did and how well her parents did. 

Let us take a look at New Kim by watching this video.


Armando is a top-performing racing pigeon who is known for how well he has done and where he comes from. Armando was sold for a crazy $1.4 million in 2019, making him the most expensive racing pigeon ever sold in 2019. 

The sale of Armando also brought attention to the market for racing pigeons. The buyers were willing to pay top dollar for a bird with great performance and breeding.


Golden Prince

Golden Prince is a racing pigeon who is well-known for how well he does in long-distance races. In 2018, Golden Prince was sold for $400,000, which was a lot of money for a racing pigeon in China at the time. 

The sale of Golden Prince shows how popular top-performing racing pigeons are becoming in China. Thus it became a bigger player in the global racing pigeon industry.


Nadine is a racing pigeon who is well-known for how well she does in long-distance races. Nadine was sold for $325,000 in 2019, which made her the extravagant racing pigeon of 2019. 

The sale of Nadine shows how important top-performing birds are in the racing pigeon market. Buyers are willing to pay the maximum price for a bird with a great pedigree and a great track record.


Bolt is a racing pigeon who is known for being very fast and doing well in short races. Bolt was sold for $115,000 in 2020, which was a record price for a racing pigeon in the Netherlands. 

The sale of Bolt shows that there is a growing demand for fast-racing pigeons in Europe, which is still a huge market for racing pigeons.

Therefore, top-performing racing pigeons impact the market due to their breeding and performance. Racing pigeons sold for record prices, attracting attention. It indicates global demand for high-performing pigeons. As the market shifts, premier racing pigeons will still be expensive.


Factors that Contribute to the Value of a Racing Pigeon

The value of a racing pigeon is based on several things, such as its genetic lineage, physical traits, racing performance, and pedigree. The subheadings below give more information about each of these things.

Factors that Contribute to the Value of a Racing Pigeon

Genetic Lineage

The breeding and bloodline of a racing pigeon make up its genetic lineage. Pigeons that come from famous and successful families are usually worth more because people think they are better at racing.

Physical Attributes

The physical qualities of a racing pigeon are a big part of how much it is worth. A pigeon’s health, strength, and endurance can be seen in its feather quality, body size, and muscle structure. A racing pigeon with good looks is likely to be worth more than one that doesn’t have these qualities.

Racing Performance

The most important thing determining a racing pigeon’s value is how well it does in races. Pigeons that have won several races or have done well in competitions over and over again are usually worth more. Breeders want these pigeons because they can be used to make pigeons that are very good at racing.


A racing pigeon’s pedigree is a list of its ancestors and how well they did in races. People think highly of a pigeon whose ancestors include multiple champions and successful racing pigeons. The pedigree of a racing pigeon is very important for breeders who want to get pigeons that are good at racing.

The Role of Auctions in the Market for High-Value Racing Pigeons

The Role of Auctions in the Market for High-Value Racing Pigeons

Many of the best racing pigeons on the market are sold at auction, and this is a crucial part of the industry.

  • Breeders and sellers may reach a larger pool of purchasers at auctions. It might include those from other countries who may not have access to the same products.
  • High-performing birds might fetch higher bids at the auction, raising the overall market value.
  • Online auctioning has emerged in this field as well. Buyers from all over the world can now take part in this market.
  • Customers acquiring expensive racing pigeons at auction should proceed with care because of the possibility of fraud and manipulation.

An auction’s importance in generating a market for rare and costly racing pigeons is highlighted by a study in The Guardian. It estimates the worldwide market for racing pigeons to be worth over $2 billion yearly.

The Global Pigeon Racing Community and the Price of Racing Pigeons

The GPRC (Global Pigeon Racing Community) are made up of people who love racing homing pigeons and breeding them. The community is spread out all over the world, and each part has its own activities and customs.

Activities of the Global Pigeon Racing Community

Let us know about some activities of GPRC.

  • The Global Pigeon Racing Community is responsible for coordinating and hosting pigeon racing competitions across the globe.
  • They arrange events from the shortest sprints to the longest endurance races of several thousand kilometers.
  • The locals also spend time and effort enhancing racing pigeons’ speed, stamina, and directional sense via breeding and training.
  • The locals keep tabs on the pigeons by using cutting-edge gear like GPS trackers, electrical timing systems, and drones throughout the races.
  • Community members also play a crucial role in spreading the word about the excitement of pigeon racing. It also protects endangered avian species.

How the Global Pigeon Racing Community Impacts the Racing Pigeon

How the Global Pigeon Racing Community Impacts the Racing Pigeon

Here is how the global pigeon racing community impacts the racing pigeon

  • Prestigious Races and Competitions: The global pigeon racing community puts on prestigious races and competitions with big cash prizes. This makes winning birds more valuable and drives up prices.
  • Global Demand: The community is made up of people from all over the world. So, there is a global demand for top-performing racing pigeons. This can make prices go up for birds with proven pedigrees and racing skills.
  • Breeding and Trading: The community makes it easy for racing pigeons to be bred and traded across borders. This means that successful birds can be sold for high prices to people from all over the world.
  • Innovation and Sharing of Knowledge: The community encourages a culture of innovation and sharing of knowledge. Techniques for training, feeding, and breeding are constantly being improved and shared. This makes the birds do better and raises their prices.
  • Promoting the Sport: The community is passionate about the sport and works hard to get new people interested in it. This increases the value of racing pigeons and their place in the world of competitive sports.

Current Trends in the Racing Pigeon Market

Following are the current market trends in the racing pigeon field. 

  • Countries like China, Belgium, and the Netherlands have seen significant increases in the value and popularity of the racing pigeon industry.
  • GPS monitoring devices and digital timing clocks are two examples of the technology being utilized to enhance pigeon racing outcomes.
  • Because of international tournaments and internet auctions, the worldwide racing pigeon industry is becoming more competitive and pushing up prices.
  • Animal rights activists and groups are pushing for tougher regulations and more control of the racing pigeon business. Because they have concerns for the birds’ well-being.

Racing pigeons are a growing global industry that emphasizes technology and animal welfare.

The Future of the Racing Pigeon Market: Opportunities and Challenges

The future outlook will be both possibilities and obstacles in the market for racing pigeons.

Racing Pigeon Market


  • The demand for racing pigeons continues to rise, opening up new prospects for both breeders and racers throughout the world.
  • Improvements in racing pigeon performance and the sport as a whole are attributable to technological developments like GPS monitoring and digital timing clocks.
  • The ability to sell pigeons online is broadening the industry and making the product more accessible to consumers all across the globe.
  • Better racing pigeons may be bred via selective breeding schemes that prioritize both genetics and performance.


  • Animal welfare concerns: Concerns about the birds’ well-being are there, as they are with any animal sport. This may cause authorities to tighten their grip on the sector.
  • Environmental factors: There are a number of environmental variables that may have an effect on the racing pigeon business, including climate change, pollution, and the loss of habitat.
  • Cost: Maintenance and training of racing pigeons may be costly, making it impossible for certain breeders and racers to enter the market.
  • Competition with other racings: The level of rivalry between horse breeders and jockeys has been heating up as the market has grown.
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In conclusion, the highest price paid for a racing pigeon depends on many things, including its bloodline, how well it races, and how it looks. Racing pigeons like New Kim are highly valued and sought after in the world of pigeon racing. This is a big reason why their prices are so high. 

The community encourages people to be creative and share their knowledge, and their love of the sport helps to make racing pigeons more valuable. Even though the exact numbers may change over time, it is clear that racing pigeons can be sold for a lot of money and are very valuable to buyers.

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