Do Crows Kill Pigeons

Do Crows Kill Pigeons – Here Is Know The Truth

Sometimes you may see a group of crows chasing a pigeon. It could be that both crows and pigeons are in an aggressive mood and ready to fight. Since they are rivals, this is relatively normal.

Do crows kill pigeons? Yes, crows do kill pigeons. Crows are primarily a predator of wild birds. They prey on less aggressive birds and animals when they are hungry. Other than killing pigeons, they also steal their eggs and babies. If you pet pigeons, then you must keep them safe from crows and other predators.

It is not difficult to keep crows away from your pigeons. We have provided some suggestions below that you can follow to protect your pigeons. 

Do Crows Kill Pigeons?

In answer to the question, do crows kill pigeons or not, the answer would be yes. Crows are basically predators by nature. So they kill animals that are less aggressive than them. Though crow’s favorite is small rodent-like mice, hamsters, and rats, they also kill animals the same size as them. 

For instance, crows will attack and eat pigeons because they are the local species of prey that they naturally hunt. Furthermore, pigeons are not strong at defending, making hunting them much easier.

Do Crows Kill Pigeons

Although pigeons are crows’ natural prey, they are not the best food for them. Crows prefer pigeon eggs the most. So when given the opportunity, they consume their eggs first before attacking the pigeons. 

Crows’ tendency to kill pigeons may also be attributed to the fact that both corvid species are confined to urban areas. 

Do Crows Attack Pigeon Nests?

They do, indeed. They even do it more frequently. Crows prefer eating baby pigeons over adult ones because hunting them is much simpler. 

Do Crows Attack Pigeon Nests

In addition to this, they enjoy stealing pigeons’ eggs. They frequently skulk around other birds’ nests, particularly pigeons’ nets.

Do Crows Eat Dead pigeons? 

Crows are scavengers, also known as carrion eaters. These types of birds habitually eat carrion, which means the dead flesh of other animals. So crows also eat dead or injured pigeons. 

Do Crows Eat Dead pigeons

On the other hand, Carrion is not their first choice if live prey is available. However, if they are starving and cannot find any living things, they eat whatever is present, including any dead or rotten animal.

How Do Crows Attack Pigeons?

Crows attack pigeons using unique techniques. They never attack their own; it is always a team effort. Crows initially targeted the eggs of pigeons. They attack after the pigeons leave their house and leave it unattended. 

When pigeons try to defend their eggs, they kill and eat them. When they attack pigeons, they kill them in groups so that the pigeons cannot defend themselves. 

How Do Crows Attack Pigeons

Sometimes crows just wait beside the pigeon’s nest to kill their baby. However, when there is a food shortage, the crow does not even wait for the eggs or baby; instead, they directly attack and kill the adult pigeons. 

Can Crow Kills Racing Pigeons?

There are different types of pigeons in this world. Racing pigeons are very fast, they can fly 93 miles per hour which is 150 km/hr. On the other hand, crows can fly 25 to 30 miles per hour. If we talk about escaping, crows won’t be able to catch them.

Can Crow Kills Racing Pigeons

Although they are quick, racing pigeons are poor defenders. Crows will likely be able to kill racing pigeons if they catch them, but it won’t be any simpler.

How to Prevent Crows from Attacking Your Pigeons? 

Crows are one of the biggest obstacles if you want to pet pigeons. Since crows frequently kill and attack pigeons, they will set a target in that area when they notice a pigeon.

How to Prevent Crows from Attacking Your Pigeons

There are several ways how you can scare crows away. Here are some ways how you can prevent crows from attacking your pigeons.

Make a cage

Pigeons are not caged birds, but you still need to build them a perfect cage with an open door so they can come and go whenever they please. When there is a crow attack, they automatically enter their cage to save themselves.

Make a cage

Make sure that young pigeons are kept in a cage until they are fully grown because crows can also attack them.

The decoy can be used

There is no guarantee that the decoy will prevent the crow from attacking the pigeons. But if you place a decoy close to your pet’s cage or residence, the crow will always maintain distance.

You can hang a fake hawk or vulture in the nearest tree. And from time to time, they change their position due to the air movement. Crows will feel threatened by the decoy in such circumstances and won’t frequently attack pigeons.

Keep your yard clean and cover your dumpster

Crows will sneak around if your yard and neighborhood are messy because they find their food in the trash and garbage. Crows won’t be around as often if you keep them tidy, which lowers the likelihood that they will attack your pigeon.

Make sure your dumpster/dustbin is covered as well. The reason for this is that these things attract crows. They’ll be more inclined to look for food if it remains open. Which ultimately aims for your pigeons.

Here is a video where crow attacks and kills pigeons.

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Here are a few questions and answers regarding the question, “do crows kill pigeons?”. If you want to know more, this section will help you.

1. Are pigeons capable of defending themselves from crows?

Pigeons can fight back but defending themselves against crows is really difficult. The reason is that physically crows are more powerful and aggressive than pigeons. Additionally, crows attack in groups. So it’s not easy to escape.

However, the pigeons try to defend themselves and continue fighting to save themselves.

2. How can crows be kept from stealing pigeon eggs?

If you want to save your pet pigeon’s egg, you must keep the eggs inside the pigeon holes or house. It would be best to transfer eggs using soft egg holders instead of bare hands because eggs are fragile

To protect stray pigeons’ eggs from crows, you must, however, put decoys in the tree or other location where the pigeons are living. Continually alter the decoys position to prevent crows from detecting your game.

Final Words

The short answer to your question, “do crows kill pigeons?” is yes. Crows attack and kill pigeons whenever the opportunity arises. Because crows are predatory wild birds that attack any animal that is less aggressive than them. 

It makes no difference whether the prey is larger or smaller than them. Some protection tips are shared if you want to pet pigeons and keep them away from crows. Ultimately, always be aware of predator attacks on your pets. 

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