Can Pigeons Fly At Night

Can Pigeons Fly At Night? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Undoubtedly pigeons are mysterious creatures. They have the ability to track their homes from miles away and yet suffer flying at night. Well, why is that, and most importantly, why do we sometimes see pigeons flying at night? 

So, can pigeons fly at night? No, they don’t choose to do that at night. Pigeons have limited eyesight during the night. They are diurnal animals so they don’t even prefer to do that. At night, they love to sleep in comfort and safety. Yet, homing pigeons can find their home in the dark.

Nevertheless, this brings up a lot of questions regarding pigeons, such as why homing pigeons are capable of finding their home even in the dark. So without any further ado, let’s reveal their secrets. 

Can Pigeons Fly At Night? [Answered]

No. Pigeons cannot fly at night except Homing pigeons. Like humans, pigeons are diurnal animals. They stay active during the daytime and get tired during the nighttime. 

In addition, pigeons also don’t have access to sufficient vision to fly at night. They have quite an accurate vision and can fly without any fear during the daytime. But as soon as the sun goes down, their accuracy decreases. So they don’t fly after dark as they fail to make measurements of distances. 

Can Pigeons Fly At Night

In this case, homing pigeons are an exception. They can make accurate measurements to fly. They are a breed of pigeons, but at night time, they can detect UV rays easily and find their way.

How Can Homing Pigeons Fly At Night?

As previously mentioned, UV rays are their best friend when it comes to dark. Just because they can doesn’t mean that Homing pigeons prefer to fly after sunset. They are just like all other breeds of pigeons with a slight advantage of high UV rays reactivity. 

How Can Homing Pigeons Fly At Night

As bulbs used in roads, office, and house emits a low dose of UV rays, Homing pigeons tend to use those as landmarks. They sense the rays and follow the path to get around sources of light.  

Overall, they possess sensory talents that support them in navigating and ensuring their safety during flying. If the weather is suitable for them, these pigeons could fly at night.

Why Do We See Pigeons Flying At Dark?

Well, as mentioned before, they love to sleep with comfort and safety secured. Thus, anything that violates these makes them worry. As a result, you see them flying around the hood. 

They tend to follow the streetlight nearby or the moon. Basically, any light source will make them follow it as they can have extended vision accuracy with it.

Why Do We See Pigeons Flying At Dark

Later on, they tend to find a new home. Unlike other birds, they don’t live on nests. Therefore, search for a new comfortable place to crash in for the night. 

That answers why you might see them at night. Either they got scared or they might be searching for a new home because they got scared. 

What Makes Pigeons Scared At Night?

Starting from an insect going from here to there to a strong breeze, pigeons can get scared. As their vision is not good enough in the dark, they don’t know what was it. Thus, they get alert as a survival instinct. 

As a result, any type of inconvenience to the pigeons makes them scared at night and move out. The inconvenience also includes too cold of weather where they will not be comfortable and move to another place at night.

Here’s a video of a rat attacking a pigeon if you want to see how fast-reactive they are;

How Do Pigeons Sleep?

Pigeons are super sensitive birds. 

  • It requires a warm and secret place to live. The place has to be secret so that their prey don’t find them easily if they are hunting. 
  • Additionally, they prefer places that are lofty. That’s just their instincts making them feel safe. 
  • At the same time, the place has to be out of human hands.
  • A fun fact about pigeons is that they are literally capable of sleeping with one eye wide. They can still sleep while being on guard against potential dangers. 

One species that never experience sleep deprivation is pigeons.

How Do Pigeons Sleep
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How to gain the most knowledge about something in the least read? The FAQ section where we will talk about pigeons flying at night in this instance.

Q: Do pigeons enjoy nighttime light?

They prefer a point source of light over bright lights surrounding them. They don’t like to get overexposed during the nighttime.

Q: What happens to pigeons after dark?

They simply go to their comfortable and safe place where they try to get some sleep, just like humans. 

Q: Are pigeons active at night?

No, pigeons are diurnal animals. They are super active in daylight and tired during the dark.


Overall, the answer to whether can pigeons fly at night would be a no. It’s inevitable that they are more like us than we think. They get tired during the nighttime, just like us. We certainly don’t want to go out at night as it’s not safe for us and also too tired. Likewise, pigeons feel the same way.

The only difference is that they also have a lack of vision during that period of time. Yet, the next time you see pigeons flying at night, you will no longer assume they are out there having fun. The pigeons are certainly in danger and need to get away.

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